Studies, white papers and information for specialists on the topic of digitalization

The digital transformation has revolutionized the world of work and the economy as a whole – and it is set to continue doing so. Businesses wishing to benefit from these changes need to adapt to meet new conditions. But what exactly is changing? What challenges are involved? And what will the future bring? On this page, you will find studies, white papers and other information for specialists on the topic of digitalization available to download for free.

How can companies use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to boost their efficiency? What are the key points of a digitalization strategy? What makes IoT projects successful? What are the opportunities and possibilities opened up by digitalization? And what challenges does the IT industry face in order to meet its own needs? Find out all of this and more in the studies, white papers and information for specialists mentioned below.


Whitepaper „Company Carbon Footprint”

Most companies have already set themselves ambitious sustainability targets. However, consumers and new regulations continue to crank up the pressure on companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out our whitepaper to discover how companies can calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Whitepaper: “From NIS2 obligation to IT resilience thanks to artificial intelligence”

From the fall of 2024 at the latest, executives and management boards of small companies, too, will be required to comprehensively and verifiably protect themselves against cyberattacks. The aim of the new European NIS2 legislation’s coming into effect is to protect international supply chains. However, a recent survey conducted on the topic of IT security in companies attests to the alarming carelessness and negligence of both employees and managers.

Find out how German companies are doing in terms of IT security – and how AI can help them.

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Whitepaper “Private 5G networks”

Companies from diverse industries can take their digitalization to a whole new level with private 5G networks, what are called campus networks. The 5G mobile communications standard offers numerous advantages compared to cable-based connection and can significantly improve the efficiency and security of a company’s internal data link alongside the Wi-Fi system.

The whitepaper “Private 5G networks” clarifies the prerequisites that have to be met to set up a private 5G network and shows the opportunities and potentials based on examples of practical applications.

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Whitepaper „Shipping4.0“

The shipping industry has been evolving in recent years, and so have the shipping companies. However, the next significant leap for the industry lies in comprehensive digital networking. Find out in the free whitepaper which trends and technologies will significantly shape the transformation of shipping companies.

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Whitepaper on “ESG reporting” – data-based sustainability management

Various national and international guidelines and laws are making data-based sustainability reporting imperative.

Which data sets are incurred, how they can best be collected and which opportunities they offer companies – all of this and more is revealed in the free whitepaper on “ESG reporting.”

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2024 CIO Agenda (whitepaper on the study)

The digital transformation has arrived as a common goal in German companies, the roadmaps are built - the CIOs are challenged. In future, it will not only be necessary to recommend modern solutions, but also to implement them: from generative AI to professional cloud solutions.

Find out everything you need to know about the current state of development as well as digital strategies and obstacles on the path to digital transformation in this study.

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2023 CIO Agenda (whitepaper on the study)

Today, successful digitalization strategies are built on AI, management support, work-life balance and sustainability. Additionally, companies are increasingly integrating external resources for their digital transformation.

Find out what the current digitalization mindset actually involves from the CIOs’ point of view.

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Whitepaper: From Supply Chain Act to supplier management

With the introduction of the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains, companies are obliged to adapt their processes along the entire value chain to the legal requirements in order to protect the environment as well as human rights.

In the whitepaper, you will learn how IT solutions can help you meet the legal requirements on time and take advantage of emerging opportunities for your business success.

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Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence as a Service

The Artificial Intelligence technology offers exciting prospects, but there are just as many challenges associated with it. With Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS), many of these hurdles can be overcome more easily. Learn about the benefits of AIaaS in this whitepaper.

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“New Work” whitepaper 2021

Many companies are facing new challenges thanks to “New Work” and digitalized work. These concepts require employers and employees to develop new skills and working methods, and, ultimately, a brand-new mindset.

This white paper presents the current status according to a recent survey and explains which digital tools can help.

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Digital solutions for Covid protection (LHIND whitepaper 2020)

Digitalization can help companies and their employees to deal with the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. How to maintain the regular working day and optimize prevention? How to prepare for a restart with the lowest possible risk of infection?

The whitepaper will provide an overview of various approaches to the problem.

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Study: Intelligent Process Automation & Process Orchestration 2024

The Intelligent Process Automation & Process Orchestration 2024 study provides illuminating insights into German companies’ use and strategic integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in process automation and highlights the challenges involved.

In addition, expert opinions and strategic approaches highlight pathways for successful implementation of intelligent process automation (IPA).

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Study: Artificial Intelligence in the Courier, Express and Parcel Industry

By using artificial intelligence, companies in the courier, express and parcel industry can optimize their processes, save costs and position themselves for the future. These are the findings of the study "Artificial Intelligence in the Courier, Express and Parcel Industry", which was conducted jointly by the German Parcel and Express Logistics Association and Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

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Applied AI (IDG study 2023)

Not only are DACH companies aware of AI, and generative AI in particular, they have long since begun to implement these technologies.

Read this study to discover how widespread generative AI already is, the scale of budgets and plans drawn up to date, and which sectors view the potential for AI-based assistance with optimism – and which are more pessimistic.

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Cloud Migration (IDG Study 2023)

Digital transformation is practically inconceivable without migrating applications to the cloud. However, cloud migration is often still in the planning stage or is being implemented without a strategic approach.

Find out just how important a strategic approach to cloud migration is for IT managers.

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IT & sustainability – maturity index (PAC study 2023)

No company can ignore the sustainability/ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) topic any longer. IT plays an important role here.

When do companies or their IT plan to become CO2 neutral, which sustainability KPIs are recorded, which IT tools are used for monitoring and controlling, how are suppliers’ ESG scores doing? These are some of the questions the study answers.

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2022 Study: ‘SAP S/4HANA’

2022 SAP S/4HANA Study: German companies have been rather hesitant to migrate to SAP S/4HANA in the past. Yet, the added value is clear.

What obstacles do companies see in the migration, what does the current planning look like and what specific advantages can be expected? The study answers these questions and more.

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Cloud Migration (IDG Study 2021)

Migration to the cloud is an essential element of digitalization and digital transformation. This study explains how such a project can be managed, what constitutes a good cloud strategy and what challenges are involved.

Find out in this study why migration to the cloud is so crucial.

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Machine Learning (IDG Study 2021)

German companies have been using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for some time now. This follow-up study explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced investments, which hurdles still need to be overcome, and what successes can be achieved.

Find out in this study what is important when using machine learning.

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Machine Learning (IDG Study 2020)

German companies have made great strides in the field of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) over the last year. Which objectives are pursued, which AI / ML methods are used and how successful companies are – all these aspects are examined in this follow-up study.

In this study, find out how the field of machine learning is developing.

Link to machine learning study 2020

Machine Learning / Deep Learning (IDG study 2019)

Nearly all industries can use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to boost their efficiency and can apply these technologies in various fields. But how exactly are AI and ML being prioritized and implemented at companies?

In this follow-up study, find out how the fields of machine learning and deep learning are developing.

Link to machine learning / deep learning study 2019

Machine Learning / Deep Learning (IDG study 2018)

Pioneering technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) are on the rise. All industries are aware of how important these technologies are and of their enormous potential, but often they are still hesitant to seize it.

The study asked companies from different industries to give their assessment of AI and ML, of how they are prioritized and implemented.

Link to machine learning / deep learning study 2018

Becoming an intelligent company with SAP (2020 techconsult study)

With the help of innovative products, intelligent companies are accelerating the digital transformation and automating their work procedures across all departments and beyond.

Find out how SAP supports companies with its “SAP Intelligent Enterprise” solutions framework in this study.

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Predictive Analytics (IDG study and white paper 2018)

Looking ahead using comprehensive data analyses is possible – with predictive analytics. Data-based predictions are becoming increasingly relevant for businesses. Even though there are some initial hurdles to overcome, predictive analytics measures can be worthwhile.

This study shows exactly how companies can use predictive analytics to find out today what will be important tomorrow.

Link to predictive analytics study 2018

Relevance of AI for large companies (Lünendonk 2018)

Technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) are finding their way into more and more companies. Yet the possibilities are far from being exhausted, and nearly all industries could benefit even more from AI. If companies want to stay competitive on the market, they need to identify application scenarios and incorporate AI technologies into their strategies.

The detailed study shows what matters when it comes to implementing AI and how German companies assess the situation.

Link to relevance of AI study 2018

IoT – Make or Buy? (Crisp Research study 2019)

IoT projects are currently an issue of relevance for many companies. The answer to the “make or buy” question – optimize or differentiate – is a decisive one when it comes to continued survival in a changing market.

In this study, you can read how German companies are implementing and operating IoT platforms and projects.

Link to IoT – make or buy study 2019

Industry 4.0 (IDG study 2017)

“Digitalization”, “Industry 4.0” and “digital transformation” are three terms for the long overdue paradigm shift in industrial production. So why are digitalization and the connectivity of systems, processes and machines at companies still being neglected?

Read the IDG study to find out the competitive advantages brought about by the digital revolution and what challenges are presented to businesses by the implementation of Industry 4.0 projects

Link to industry 4.0 study 2017

No Industry 4.0 without a digitalized supply chain (Lünendonk white paper 2016)

How does the logistics industry need to change to remain a reliable partner for the manufacturing industry in times of Industry 4.0? Here too, gathering, processing and exchanging important data with the help of IT systems is the only way to keep the modern supply chain operating smoothly.

The Lünendonk white paper shows how the supply chain needs to change to keep pace with digitalization processes.

Link to Lünendonk white paper on the digitalization of the supply chain 2016

Already digitalizing? A benchmark for the digital agenda (Lünendonk study 2016)

Every sector can benefit from an integrated digital concept that meaningfully connects people, products, machines and services. Yet what is the status of digital maturity at companies, and where is there still a long way to go?

Read this Lünendonk study to see how far the required digitalization processes surrounding big data, social business collaboration and Industry 4.0 have come at German companies.

Link to digital maturity study 2016

The market for IT consultancy and IT services in Germany (Lünendonk 2020)

In the area of consultancy and services, the IT sector has been unable to meet its own projections for 2019. And as is well known, 2020 has not been any easier. However, the market can benefit from increased demand as before. This follow-up study concerns itself with important topics in this sector and also deals with the challenges related to Covid-19.

Find out how the IT market has developed in this study.

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The market for IT consulting and IT services in Germany (Lünendonk 2019 study)

If companies want to be successful on the market today, they cannot avoid digitalization processes. They are often dependent on the help and expertise of IT service providers as a result, and these IT service providers also need to expand their portfolio of services and constantly broaden their area of expertise to include new topics.

Read the Lünendonk study to find out how the market for IT consulting and IT services in Germany is developing and how the new challenges are being tackled.

Link to IT consulting and services study 2019

The market for IT consulting and IT services in Germany (2018 Lünendonk study)

The digital transformation is changing companies around the world. Even in Germany, companies from all industries are continuing to drive forward digitalization in their business processes. To do so, however, they are often dependent on alliances with external IT service providers. Yet the IT industry is not fully up to the demands and requirements.

Read this Lünendonk study to find out what challenges the IT industry faces and how it needs to change according to the view of 78 IT service providers.

Link to IT consulting and IT services study 2018