Digitization with LHIND

System catering and airline catering: IT consulting, development and system integration

Vegan, organic, gluten-free: Both restaurant guests and air passengers are becoming increasingly discerning. Eating is about more than just ingesting food. This means system caterers and airline caterers are having to satisfy an increasingly specific range of eating habits, all while meeting high logistical demands and production standards. As part of the digital transformation, system catering and airline catering operators can utilize new technologies to meet this diverse range of challenges.

Whether you need a solution for precise material requirements planning, digital HACCP-based production to prevent food hazards, or for evaluating and analyzing customer feedback – for more than 15 years, Lufthansa Industry Solutions has been providing consulting to companies in the fields of system catering and airline catering. We work with these companies to develop solutions that optimize their entire value-added process.