Digital process optimization

System catering and airline catering: IT solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability

Airline catering and system catering are subject to complex logistics and process requirements. Modern IT solutions with digitalized processes make it possible to implement highly efficient procedures and ensure that the right meals are provided in the right place, at the right time. Intelligent forecasts and analyses with the assistance of AI help to reduce food waste, which in turn makes supply chains more sustainable. As IT consulting experts with decades of experience in airline catering, we can advise you on your digital strategy, optimize your processes and develop tailored solutions for your business.

Optimizing catering processes for maximum efficiency at all levels

From menu planning and order placement to stock management, distribution and invoicing, companies in the catering industry have to handle a variety of processes. In this context, digitalization presents significant opportunities to tap unused potential and boost efficiency.

Integrated IT processes in airline catering and systems catering

We digitalize, integrate and optimize all processes throughout the entire catering value chain:

  • Concept creation and optimization of airline-specific master data management
  • Forecasting
  • Product costs and price calculation

  • Ordering processes
  • Interfaces with suppliers
  • Material and contract management
  • Supplier management

  • Processes for incoming goods
  • Stock and warehouse management

  • Production planning and control
  • Passenger and meal forecasting
  • Capacity planning

  • Transport processes
  • Last-mile application management

  • Invoicing and settlement processes
  • Customer billing systems
  • Internal and external accounting

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The benefits of digitalized catering processes
  • Higher efficiency – through digitalization of manual tasks
  • A consistent data pool – achieving by integrating different systems
  • More transparent processes and data – thanks to more comprehensive, cross-system data collection, analysis and preparation in user-oriented dashboards
  • Clear improvements in resource planning – through automated data analysis and AI integration
  • Targeted cost savings – made possible by more efficient resource use, processes and better planning
  • Greater sustainability – by reducing waste, energy demand and resource consumption

Airline catering and system catering with Lufthansa Industry Solutions: Industry experience meets IT

As part of the Lufthansa Group, we’re intimately familiar with airline catering and system catering processes. And, as an independent IT consultant, we have extensive specialist expertise and modern system architectures. Our experts engage with the latest trends on a daily basis – in our core business area of IT systems consultancy and beyond. Working across a variety of projects, they utilize their expertise in sustainability and their applied knowledge of AI-based technologies to introduce competitive, future-proof solutions for our customers.

We offer:

We advise and accompany you in drawing up your digital strategy:

  • Analysis of your existing systems and processes
  • Strategic development based on your specific requirements
  • Consultancy on system integration
  • Project management / strategic implementation

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We can assist you with our extensive ERP/SAP expertise, especially in relation to:

  • SAP application and hosting management
  • MES (manufacturing execution systems)
  • Service desk management
  • User management
  • ABAP and interface development

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Our IT solutions support you on the road to greater sustainability:

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We develop and implement AI solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your processes, from forecasting tools to chatbots:

  • Forecasting and requirements calculation
  • Avoiding food waste using AI cameras that scan leftovers and identify consumption trends
  • Introducing smart assistants as a knowledge base for employees in relation to processes, standards, methods and many other issues
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We support you from the initial idea through to ongoing system operation.

Efficient IT solutions to maximize your company’s success

As you strive to achieve efficiency gains in your company, our IT experts will be on hand to support you – from the very outset to implementation and beyond. Our holistic approach comprises analyzing your existing IT systems and processes before developing customized solutions, implementing them in a structured manner, supporting the change management process and overseeing the seamless integration of new technologies into your infrastructure.

We also offer hosting, maintenance and development services for your IT applications, all from a single source. Together, we’ll find the optimal solution to improve the efficiency of your company’s specific processes.

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