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Digital Strategy Consulting for holistic transformation

In the modern business world, having a digital strategy is a must for any company. A digital strategy is the key to exploiting opportunities offered by digitalization and to achieving success in a constantly changing market environment. A digital strategy defines objectives and priorities, and sets the course for digital transformation. By developing digital innovations and a future-proof IT infrastructure, companies can maintain and increase their competitive advantage in the long term.

If this is what you are looking for, you have definitely come to the right place here at the LHIND website: With our extensive range of Digital Strategy Consulting services, we help companies to implement customer- and sector-specific strategies. For this, our team of experienced consultants offers the perfect combination of business acumen and technology expertise.

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A holistic digital strategy process – and therefore vital

Many companies find it difficult to harness the full power of digitalization for themselves because their strategies are deficient or have already been rendered obsolete by volatile general conditions. Nevertheless, holistic digital transformation remains the most important means by which companies can achieve improvements and remain competitive in the long term. We will be happy to assist you with our comprehensive Digital Strategy Consulting offering:


Our strategy process

Our digital strategy process

1. Assessment

  • First of all, we gather data and information so that we can analyze and evaluate the initial situation.

2. Visioning

  • The company’s vision and objectives within the digital context are defined so that a clear course can be set.

3. Solution design

  • Concrete digital solutions are developed on the basis of the digital vision and objectives so that these can be achieved.

4. Operationalization

  • The planned measures are implemented and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Digital Strategy Consulting: How we will assist you

As part of our Digital Strategy Consulting services, we analyze the status quo within your company from the perspective of digital transformation – as well as the market environment – in order to identify and evaluate relevant technologies, trends, and competitors. On the basis of this, we develop a digital target image and a road map of projects that are to be initiated. In the context of innovation workshops, our business and technology experts work together with you to devise digital solutions for the individual challenges faced, e.g., on the basis of design thinking.

The LHIND portfolio of Digital Strategy Consulting services encompasses:

  • Digital maturity test: The level of digital maturity is analyzed, which includes benchmarking and a risk analysis.
  • Digital analysis: An internal and external analysis of the company is conducted, including mega-trends, competitors, and relevant technologies.
  • Digital vision and road map: An individual digital vision and a digital target image are developed; a digital project road map is drawn up; and strategies are devised for specific industries (e.g., logistics, travel and transport, and retail), functional areas (e.g., digital sales, digital marketing), or technologies (e.g., IoT, cloud, analytics, AI, blockchain).
  • Digital business model: New business models are developed and implemented (e.g., using the Business Model Canvas or St. Gallen Business Model Navigator tools).
  • Digital touchpoints: New products and services are developed and implemented (e.g., using the design thinking, customer journey mapping, service blueprint methods).
  • Digital processes: Business process are digitalized, optimized, and automated with digital tools (e.g., process mining).

Benefit from LHIND Digital Strategy Consulting:

  • Facilitate agility: Having a sustainable digital strategy allows companies to respond more quickly to changes in the market and successfully master the challenges posed by digitalization.
  • Act with purpose: With the aid of a digital strategy, all digital measures can be geared toward one overarching objective. This makes it possible to focus on strategically relevant projects and minimize bad investments.
  • Avoid digital silos: Silos – and the inefficiencies they bring with them – occur when there is no overarching digital strategy in place and units develop their own approaches. A holistic view is the way to actively counter this problem.
  • Integrate IT and business processes: Holistic digital transformation encourages close cooperation between the IT and business departments, culminating in the optimum integration of technology and business processes.

IT Strategy Consulting provides the basis for modern processes

The IT strategy is the technical foundation on which the digital strategy and digital solutions are built. As part of our IT Strategy Consulting services, we analyze the company’s IT system landscape and conceive a target image to determine the technical direction of the digital strategy. This involves checking existing IT systems in terms of their suitability for digital transformation and, where applicable, planning adjustments or replacements. The necessary measures are defined and prioritized using established methods and tools.

The LHIND portfolio of IT Strategy Consulting services encompasses:

  • IT maturity test: The level of IT maturity is analyzed, which includes benchmarking and a risk analysis.
  • IT analysis: The actual architecture and processes are recorded, and business processes are mapped to IT systems and services.
  • IT vision and road map: The IT vision is devised on the basis of the digital vision and relevant IT projects are identified on the basis of the digital road map.
  • Enterprise architecture management: Architectures are managed, e.g., on the basis of TOGAF and Lean EAM.
  • IT architecture: This involves developing the IT architecture, making/buying playbooks, and carrying out technical due diligence. It also encompasses tailored IT service management using state-of-the-art methods, such as ITIL 4 and IT4IT.

How we will assist you: operationalization and implementation

LHIND’s strategy consultants are experts in implementing digital projects. Thanks to their many years of experience in various sectors, they are familiar with critical success factors and can assist with the practical implementation of digital projects and prototypes, as well as with company-wide digitalization programs.

The LHIND comprehensive portfolio of Digital Strategy Consulting services encompasses:

  • Definition of new processes, systems, resources, metrics
  • Establishment of governance models (e.g., IT governance, compliance, data, and AI)
  • Facilitation of dialog between the IT/business areas
  • Implementation of IT operations
  • Change management and employee enablement
  • Assistance with the introduction of project management methods (e.g., Scrum, Kanban, PRINCE2)
  • Implementation of complex digital projects using agile methods
  • Assumption of interim CDO roles

Digital Strategy Consulting: Frequently asked questions

Answer: Digital Strategy Consulting is a service that is designed to assist companies with the development and implementation of a holistic digital strategy. It involves defining the company’s digital objectives and priorities so that it can compete successfully on a digital level.

Answer: A holistic digital strategy allows companies to make optimum use of the opportunities afforded by digitalization. It offers a clear direction and efficient processes, facilitates innovation, and makes the company future-proof so that it can secure long-term competitive advantages.

Answer: Our portfolio encompasses the following: an analysis and evaluation of your company’s level of digital maturity, the development of tailored strategies, guidance during implementation, and the integration of IT and business processes to ensure successful transformation.

Answer: The duration of the consulting process depends on the individual requirements and complexity of the project. However, we usually draw up a tailored schedule to accommodate the needs and objectives of each company.

Answer: It’s really easy to arrange a consultation with us. Simply complete the contact form on our website or contact us by phone. Our consulting team will be delighted to get to know you and discuss the challenges you are facing.

Our portfolio: from development of the strategy through to its successful implementation

Our Digital Strategy portfolio offers you a comprehensive range of services covering two key areas: strategy development (“plan”) and strategy implementation (“act”). Our Digital Strategy Consulting services cover all the stages of the transformation process. Within this context, we allow for the fact that every company and each project involves different presuppositions and requirements. That is why we have designed our service offering to be modular so that it can be customized to your needs. To enjoy the greatest added value, the individual modules should be combined. However, ordering single modules can still bring great results within a very short period of time.

Our digital strategy consulting covers the entire transformation process, from assessment to operationalization and implementation.

Digital Strategy Consulting: What makes us the right company to contact

Successful digital transformation – With our holistic approach, we will help you to create the general conceptual conditions required. Our experienced team of business and IT experts will devise tailored strategies and solutions that make sense for your specific company on both a commercial and a technical level. However, we are not just there to guide you through the strategy development process. We will also remain firmly by your side when it comes to implementing and directing your digital and IT projects because a successful strategy stands or falls on its implementation. Thanks to our many years of cross-sectoral experience, we are familiar with the challenges faced when developing and implementing new strategies, and we maintain a constant focus on operational implementability – whether that be in relation to the Digital Strategy Consulting services that you receive or other relevant areas, such as big data, smart waste, or IT security. By putting our experienced and interdisciplinary team of consultants on the case, we ensure that solutions only get implemented if they make sense from both a technological and a commercial perspective. Our holistic consulting approach means that innovations only get developed within the context of our solutions and products if they offer a clear strategic fit.

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