Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, i.e. sustainable and responsible business practices, forms a key element of the Lufthansa Group’s corporate strategy. As a wholly owned Lufthansa subsidiary, we are therefore also fully committed to taking responsibility for the climate and the environment, our customers, our employees and the society we live in.

Not only do we work tirelessly to improve climate and environmental protection, we also treat our employees ethically and fairly, we are fully committed to social issues as a company, and we ensure that our activities comply with the law.

Responsibility for Employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset. They come from a range of age groups, countries and cultures, which means each and every one of them brings different, valuable perspectives and skills to the table. Such diversity makes our company strong, innovative, creative and capable. With a wide range of training and development options available, as well as flexible employment models, each member of our team is encouraged to expand and maintain their level of expertise, and is able to enjoy a healthy work/life balance. As family arrangements and employment patterns evolve, new models are becoming increasingly important. Today, the focus is on employment models that take into account the different needs a person may have in different phases of their life. Not only do these models make it easier to reconcile work and family life, they also boost employee motivation and well-being. Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports its employees and management staff by offering flexible employment models or by providing temporary compassionate leave from work.

In addition, we promote occupational health, encourage participation in company sports programs and provide childcare options in cooperation with the Notfallmamas (AKA the ‘emergency mothers’). Our office spaces are furnished with modern equipment, and all LHIND employees are provided with devices that facilitate mobile or remote work.

We offer entry-level employees who have already completed IT based apprenticeships the chance to undertake a dual study program or, indeed, the opportunity to join the LHIND team in the long term, stemming from a successful internship.

Responsibility for the Climate and the Environment

We want to make a sustainable contribution to the welfare of the climate and the environment. We prioritize environmentally friendly practices at our company headquarters by working in climate-efficient buildings, avoiding plastic in everyday office life, separating our garbage and reducing paper usage.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions contributes to the cost of taking public transport, thus providing an additional incentive for employees to use it.

To reduce the need to take business trips, all LHIND employees are provided with devices that facilitate mobile or remote work. Our offices all have video conferencing facilities.

In addition, of course, in developing intelligent IT solutions, our very business model helps us to make our own contribution to environmental protection.

For further information on the numerous initiatives put in place by Lufthansa and its subsidiaries to take a decisive role in climate and environmental protection, please click here:

Responsibility for the Climate and the Environment

Responsibility to Society

- We are committed to our responsibility for social issues and are proud to support the fantastic dedication shown by other associations and initiatives working in this area. In addition to various activities to raise money for help alliance– the Lufthansa Group’s aid organization – we have been working closely and successfully with the Hacker Schoolfor several years. The primary focus is on giving young people access to education, showing them viable career prospects and enabling them to lead independent lives. A similar goal is being pursued by Charity4Aid, an association that donates retired and depreciated computers to non-profit educational institutions in Germany and around the world.

In addition, we support some of Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ more community-minded colleagues in their activities, including those working with Kaffeebrücke and mapubi e.V, among others.

- Impact Week is a non-profit program that brings together people from different countries around the world to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging markets, which serves to create a basis for sustainable growth. The initiative is supported by various international companies, including the Lufthansa Group. More and more LHIND employees have been involved in Impact Week over the past few years.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Conducting business legally and with integrity is a fundamental principle of all our commercial activities. To this end, we comply strictly with antitrust legislation and corruption prevention regulations in particular.

Combating and - preventing corruption and bribery is essential to our company’s business activities and constitutes an integral part of our value system. The Lufthansa Group has introduced a centralized compliance management system so that we can protect our employees and companies from breaking the law, or the consequences of doing so, and support them in working within legal boundaries at all times.

Essentially, this is based on the following principles – compliance culture, compliance objectives, identification of compliance risks, compliance program, compliance organization, compliance communication and compliance monitoring. The compliance management system has also been implemented within our company and is being developed continuously in accordance with the risks that are specific to our business activities.