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Sustainable IT solutions for your twin transformation

For companies to remain competitive and capable of facing future challenges, they need to become not only more digital but also more sustainable. While these parallel transformations – referred to jointly as a twin transformation – present a major challenge, they also offer a host of opportunities. This is because digitalization enables companies to make use of all their data and automate their processes and thereby tap into new potential and achieve their sustainability targets more quickly.

Drawing on our expertise in green IT consulting, we can help you drive forward your company’s twin transformation. We implement IT solutions that allow you to meet legal requirements, reduce your carbon footprint and cut costs over the long-term.


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Seven focus areas for sustainable IT solutions

Our green IT consulting services cover seven areas in which we advance the environmental and digital transformation:

  • CSRD compliance
  • EU taxonomy compliance
  • Carbon management
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Circular economy
  • Greening of IT
  • Energy efficiency

We’ll put you on course for compliance with future ESG reporting obligations:

  •  Double materiality analysis
  •  CSRD readiness consulting
  •  ESG strategy
  •  ESG tool selection and implementation

We’ll calculate your KPIs from the EU taxonomy and implement them in your sustainability reporting:

  • Review of taxonomy compatibility and conformity
  • Calculation of EU taxonomy KPIs
  • Incorporation of taxonomy KPIs into CSRD reports

We’ll assist you in reducing your greenhouse gas emissions using suitable tools.

  • Carbon footprint calculations
  • Net Zero consultancy
  • CO2 tool selection and implementation

We’ll develop measures and implement structures that enable you to comply with the German Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz – LkSG).

  • LkSG and CSDDD consultancy
  • Analysis of your supply chain (Tier 1 to Tier n)
  • Analysis of Scope 3 emissions

By digitalizing your data and introducing digital tools, we’ll create higher data transparency and lay the foundations for sustainable resource planning – from material selection through to repairs and recycling.

  • Waste management
  • Digital product passport
  • Reverse logistics

We’ll help you integrate sustainability as a key requirement in your IT systems and processes, and set a clear target for the responsible use of technologies.

  • Maturity model for sustainable IT
  • Infrastructure and architecture efficiency
  • Green coding
  • Software life cycle assessment

Systematically reduce your energy consumption, improve your buildings’ energy efficiency and identify sources such as electricity, gas, heating and cooling.

  • Implementation of ISO 50001 on energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency increases with AI-based forecasting
  • Energy consumption monitoring for targeted improvements

Support for your twin transformation from a single source

Lufthansa Industry Solutions can help your company to combine its IT and sustainability activities to optimal effect. This isn’t just about achieving rapid growth, it’s also about crucial decisions to ensure your company is competitive and fit for the future. We regard the twin transformation as a holistic process that we can tailor to your specific needs, taking account of the numerous relevant factors in pursuit of the best possible results.

We’ll support you every step of the way to implementing a sustainable structure. From analyzing your company’s status quo, developing a suitable strategy and implementing the transformation process to constant monitoring, reporting and ongoing optimization, we’ll be by your side to ensure your digitalization processes and sustainable IT go hand in hand.

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Sustainable IT solutions: Our expertise
  1. Combined experience from the aviation industry and many other sectors
  2. Profound expertise on sustainability issues
  3. Operational and strategic IT and logistics expertise
  4. In-house expertise supplemented through long-term partnerships
  5. Established and agile standard LHIND methods
  6. Consultancy services from strategy and concept design through to end-to-end system integration

Consultancy on sustainable IT solutions: our success stories

Working together with our customers, we’ve already implemented a host of successful twin transformation projects. Let’s look at a selection:


Support with the realization of CSRD compliance, including double materiality analysis. Consultancy on greenhouse gas accounting, in particular in relation to Scope 3 emissions and product carbon footprint calculations.

1. FC Nürnberg

Expert advice and support for the fulfillment of sustainability requirements from the DFL (German Soccer League). CSRD compliance with our ESG software, EPACTO. Calculation of emissions and joint preparation of external communication.

FAQs about the twin transformation and sustainable IT

The twin transformation is the parallel implementation of digital and sustainable transformations in companies. Digital technologies and modern IT solutions support the trend towards greater sustainability by making vital data available and transparent throughout the entire supply chain. This paves the way for process optimizations, more efficient use of resources and further sustainability improvements.

Sustainable IT, also known as green IT, describes the environmentally friendly and resource-conserving use of information and communication technologies. It comprises two main aspects:

Greening of IT: This involves minimizing resource and energy consumption within IT infrastructure such as data centers, networks and end devices. It includes measures such as energy-efficient hardware, virtualization, server consolidation, efficient cooling and the use of renewable energy technologies.

Greening by IT: This approach applies IT solutions to reduce resource and energy consumption in other areas. Examples include videoconferencing instead of traveling for in-person meetings, building automation for energy optimization and process digitalization to reduce paper use.

Sustainable IT solutions aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy consumption and waste generation, and extend the lifespan of IT products.

Green IT consulting helps companies to develop and implement a sustainable IT strategy. Our consultants analyze the current status of your IT activities and develop tailored solutions to improve energy efficiency and promote resource conservation.

Sustainable IT solutions are important for companies for a host of reasons:

Environmental protection, climate protection and sustainability: Sustainable IT solutions help shrink a company’s carbon footprint by saving resources and energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and extending the lifespan of IT products. This supports the achievement of global climate targets with the aim of reducing the impacts of climate change – and helps companies to meet their own sustainability targets.

Future viability: Efficient use of resources and the introduction of renewable energy technologies for IT infrastructure prepare companies for future challenges and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Cost savings: Energy-efficient hardware, virtualization, server consolidation and more efficient cooling solutions deliver significant reductions in energy costs.

Compliance and image: Many companies are subject to environmental requirements and regulations. Sustainable IT solutions support compliance with legal requirements. In addition, adopting a sustainable IT strategy can help companies to enhance their public image as an environmentally conscious company.

Green IT consulting has a vital role to play in the twin transformation, as companies seek to implement digital and sustainable transformations in parallel. By providing advice on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly IT solutions, consultancy firms can ensure that their digital transformation is also sustainable.

Consultants combine digital innovation with sustainability considerations in order to identify levers for an efficient and holistic twin transformation. Data transparency, sustainable AI applications and employee training are key factors in this regard.

Green IT consulting covers a range of different areas, supporting companies in making their IT infrastructure and processes more sustainable and less resource intensive. The relevant fields differ depending on the customer and the consultant:

Energy efficiency: Analysis of energy consumption by data centers, networks and end devices. Optimization through energy-efficient hardware, virtualization and consolidation. Use of renewable energy technologies and efficient cooling solutions.

Sustainable IT procurement: Advice on energy-saving, durable IT products. Examination of environmental certificates. Extension of product lifespans through hardware refurbishment.

Sustainable software and cloud computing: Use of resource-conserving open-source software. Migration to energy-efficient cloud solutions. Optimization of data transfer and storage.

Digitalization and dematerialization: Process digitalization to reduce paper use. Reduced travel through videoconferencing. Building automation for energy optimization.

Employee awareness: Training and workshops on green IT. Raised awareness of sustainability in the context of IT.

Strategy and compliance: Development of holistic green IT strategies. Support in meeting sustainability targets and reporting obligations. Certification, including with ISO standards.

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