Recording, analyzing and reducing companies’ CO2 emissions

Whitepaper: How to calculate a company’s carbon footprint

Most companies have already set themselves ambitious sustainability targets. However, consumers and new regulations continue to crank up the pressure on companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Check out our whitepaper to discover how companies can calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.

The first step for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint is to identify the sources of their emissions. Ultimately, companies cannot define or achieve realistic sustainability targets without a transparent overview of their emissions. A particular challenge in this context is calculating indirect emissions covered by Scope 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This includes all emissions resulting from a company’s value chain – i.e. the emissions produced by its customers, suppliers and business partners.

In our whitepaper, we explain the different types of emissions relevant to calculating a company’s carbon footprint. We also outline the software solutions capable of processing and analyzing large quantities of data – and detail the experience of German football team 1. FC Nürnberg in calculating its carbon footprint.

Free download: Whitepaper on companies’ carbon footprints

Read our whitepaper to find out how calculating a company’s carbon footprint can pave the way to a sustainable future – and which tools can assist with this complex task.

A selection of the insights in our whitepaper on companies’ carbon footprints:
  • The different types of emissions in a company’s carbon footprint
  • How long it takes to calculate a company’s carbon footprint
  • Useful tools for calculating and reducing carbon CO2 emissions
  • The role of functional data management
  • How Lufthansa Industry Solutions helped 1. FC Nürnberg to calculate its carbon footprint – and the measures the football club took in response
The three scopes of emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

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