Start small but successfully with AI

Companies do not necessarily have to come up with extensive AI strategies. Small AI solutions are also perfect for gathering experience and achieving first quick wins.
Improving processes with AI

Into the digital future with LHIND

No matter what challenges of digitalization your company faces, we have the right solutions & products for you. LHIND supports you with over 2,000 specialists in the implementation of your IT projects.
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automotiveIT Kongress

The 12th automotiveIT Kongress will be held at Berlin’s Westhafen Event & Convention Center (WECC) on March 19, 2020. The event features talks on fascinating industry issues, first-rate speakers, and an array of networking opportunities.

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Top company award from business magazine brand eins

LHIND is ranked among the best IT service providers in Germany by business magazine brand eins.
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“AI is like magic– but without tricks” - Interview with Dr. Alexander Motzek

Artificial intelligence specialist Dr. Alexander Motzek explains how machine learning can reduce companies’ workloads and why AI still has a long way to go when it comes to understandingimages.
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UX and UI design: focus on user needs

User-friendly UX and UI design supports companies in working more efficiently and more profitably. Lufthansa Industry Solutions focuses on users throughout the design process.
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TransnetBW introduces IT architecture for smart meters

With the help of Lufthansa Industry Solutions, the electrical grid operator TransnetBW has come up with solutions to implement the statutory requirements relating to the roll-out of smart meters.
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Fact of the day

April 1 2015

Beginning of independence within the Lufthansa Group
Previously a business unit of Lufthansa Systems AG, Lufthansa Industry Solutions now acts independently within the Lufthansa group.
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Secure networks with modern IT security

The number of targets for attacks by cybercriminals is increasing with the increasing interconnectedness being created by Industry 4.0 and IoT. For this reason, companies need to put their IT security to the test.
Continuously improving IT security

Crisp Research study 2019: IoT – make or buy

Crisp Research study 2019 on IoT (Internet of Things) – make or buy: Find out more about how businesses in Germany are implementing and operating IoT platforms and projects.
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Our range of workshops:

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is here to prepare you and your employees for digitalization. Lufthansa provides targeted workshops with practical elements on topics such as agile project management and scrum, RapidMiner, Hadoop, DevOps – Continuous Delivery and Deployment, Industry 4.0/the internet of things and Blockchain. These courses have a high level of practical, real-world relevance, and their courses can be customized to meet to your company’s specific needs.
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