IT solutions for B2B

Technology Consulting: approaching digitization the right way

More efficient working processes, more informed decisions and new business models: To get results like these, companies need to tackle the digital transformation. They need flexible, high-performance systems with real-time capabilities to connect companies, customers and suppliers the way the market demands. The use of new technologies is essential to achieving this goal. On account of the diversity and dynamic development of technologies, companies need to adapt them to their needs.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions was recognized as a relevant player in the digital factory in the three use case clusters “Predictive Analytics & Maintenance”, “Traceability” and “Asset & Plant Performance Monitoring” by teknowlogy. According to teknowlogy, the leading independent European market analysis and consulting company for the IT industry, LHIND has proven to be able to address all related use cases in these categories.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ technology consulting services are there to support them in this task by providing the following services:

  • Evaluation, selection and implementation of new digitalization technologies for development and operation
  • Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 consultancy; IoT Lab
  • IT security consultancy
  • Smart data analytics, artificial intelligence, voice control (projects and Data Insight Lab)
  • Development, transformation and operation of cloud solutions and cloud consultancy
  • Implementation of mobile solutions and social business collaboration
  • Enterprise architecture optimization (EAO) and infrastructure consultancy
  • IT project consultancy and management