EAO: Make new business models a reality with agile IT

Companies need modern IT architecture and infrastructure to master the digital transformation. As a result, enterprise architecture optimization (EAO) should be a central element of any digitalization strategy. It is the foundation for creating systems with real-time capabilities and standardized technologies.

The IT system environments at many companies have often evolved over time, resulting in a wild mix of in-house developments and applications purchased from outside vendors for various business units. In addition, many applications have runtime problems within the overall architecture and are hard to integrate. Application architecture and performance management that takes all aspects into account tends to be lacking.

Legacy systems can slow companies down, especially when it comes to implementing the digital transformation. They are often split between various silos and make it hard to connect companies, customers and suppliers as the market demands. Businesses need systems with real-time capabilities and standardized technologies to successfully connect these stakeholders. Modern infrastructure and service-oriented architecture allow enterprises to also establish agile business processes later on, as part of a subsequent step.

EAO: a central element of any digitalization strategy

In addition to the organizational conditions for digital transformation, companies also need to take a more critical look at their architecture within the context of their digital transformation plans. Enterprise architecture optimization (EAO) should be a central element of a company’s digitalization strategy so as to encourage the intelligent consolidation of legacy systems containing critical and sensitive business data.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports companies in the reorganization and enhancement of their IT, regardless of whether they need to deal with traditional legacy applications – often consisting of outdated hard- and software-based systems – or disadvantageous IT environments that have evolved separately. We support and help manage the entire EAO process, from taking stock of the status quo, designing new architecture and evaluating technologies to migration and implementation.

The goal is always to develop enterprise architecture that that helps organizations to digitalize their business. As a result, Lufthansa Industry Solutions also supports companies in the implementation of secure, high-performance and flexible standard and individual applications, during roll-outs and the management of infrastructure projects. Our range of services also includes software development and application operation, plus our experienced architects offer specially designed SAP landscape optimization to companies that use SAP.

How companies can benefit from EAO

  • New features and functions
  • Scalable applications and processes thanks to a combination of cloud and web infrastructures with service-oriented architectures
  • More flexible and higher-performance business processes
  • More powerful applications and compatibility with mobile devices
  • Real-time capability
  • Cost savings thanks to the consolidation of legacy applications
  • More transparent infrastructure
  • More innovative IT thanks to technology-neutral architecture blueprints