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Whether you need to develop a company-wide digitization strategy, connect machines using IT services or provide mobile platforms for cross-company collaboration: If it is a matter of company digitization, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is the right partner.

Our strength as an IT service provider lies in our ability to combine technical know-how with process and industry knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking.

Cross-industry experience

Our customers come from a wide range of different areas. These include air travel, logistics and transport. They come from the manufacturing and automotive industries, and are active in publishing and tourism, or in the energy and health care sectors. But no matter their industry, they all face the same, huge challenge of our time: They have to structure their IT all along the value chain in such a way that it reduces costs and simultaneously increases revenues and efficiency in the long run. In short: It is about companies’ future viability.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions helps companies to digitize and automate their business processes – from medium-sized to DAX-listed companies. In doing so, we do not just focus on the IT needed, but on our customer’s business as a whole, including its internal and external challenges. This is because digital transformation affects a company’s entire structure and culture, and reaches beyond company borders to collaboration with partners, customers and suppliers.

Our project experience and industry expertise

We have been working with many of our customers for numerous years. We combine the project experience and industry expertise we have gained with our comprehensive services and technology portfolio. This is why we work together in interdisciplinary teams. Whether you need a cloud, SaaS or data analytics – as an IT consultancy and systems integrator, Lufthansa Industry Solutions covers the entire spectrum of IT services. We always make the highest demands on security and quality – especially because our roots are in aviation, a highly digitized, security-sensitive industry.

Our specialist expertise

On the way to the data-driven company 4.0, the Data Insight Lab competence division assists customers from a wide range of industries. This is where data scientists and data architects work with companies to consolidate, structure and analyze their data. Their constant aim is to assess the value of the data and, ideally, to utilize the results to add value.

In addition to this, we have pooled our project management expertise in the Project Management Excellence division. This lets us provide our customers with targeted assistance during the efficient and affordable implementation of their specific IT projects.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions, with its headquarters in Oldenburg, provides comprehensive know-how in the field of technology. Experts provide our customers with targeted support during software development, operations and application maintenance. Quality assurance, test management and infrastructure consultancy are also some of our core competences.

We focus on:

  • Process consulting / organization processes
  • IT consulting (processes, technologies, infrastructure)
  • IT systems integration and development
  • Application management and operations in IT systems operations
  • Program and project management
  • Strategy consulting

Our label and certifications

Our awards

"Best in Class"

Sustainability-related IT consulting & services 2023

LHIND has received the top rating "best in class" for "sustainability-related IT consulting & services in Germany 2023" from the market analysis and consulting company PAC. IT consulting & service offerings were considered, including topics such as sustainable application modernization, green coding and cloud migration.

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Award from business magazine brand eins for 2023

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is one of the best IT service providers in Germany and was honored by the business magazine brand eins for the 4th time in a row. In the categories IT consulting, communication & collaboration and software implementation & maintenance, LHIND is among the top of the best lists.

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Award from the market research company techconsult

Lufthansa Industry Solutions receives the Professional User Rating (PUR) Award 2022 from market research company techconsult in the area of SAP Services. With top marks, users voted the IT service provider into the top group in the "Migration & Application Management (SAP HANA)" category.

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Top company award from business magazine brand eins 2022

For the third time in a row, Lufthansa Industry Solutions has been awarded the top rating of four points by business magazine brand eins as one of the best IT service providers in Germany.

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Top company award from business magazine brand eins 2021

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is ranked among the best IT service providers in Germany and has been awarded the top rating of four points by business magazine brand eins.

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Award Digital Factory Player

Lufthansa Industry Solutions was recognized as a relevant player in the digital factory in the three use case clusters “Predictive Analytics & Maintenance”, “Traceability” and “Asset & Plant Performance Monitoring” by teknowlogy. According to teknowlogy, the leading independent European market analysis & consulting company for the IT industry, LHIND has proven to be able to address all related use cases in these categories.

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Award from business magazine brand eins for 2020

Lufthansa Industry Solutions has been awarded the top rating of four points by business magazine brand eins as one of the best IT service providers in Germany.

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Our responsibility


Jörn Messner - Managing Director bei LHIND

Jörn Messner

Managing Director

Management Business Units

Nils Büring

Vice President Industry & Automotive

Carsten Fleer

Vice President Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Hospitality & SAP
Meike von Glahn, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Meike von Glahn

Vice President Software Services

Bernhard Kube

Vice President Technology Consulting, Research & Standards

Rainer Liebhart

Vice President Air Cargo Logistics

Susanne Mierscheid

Vice President Application Management & DevOps

Christian Rothkirch

Vice President Corporate & Aviation Services

Albana Shkurta

Managing Director Location Albania - Lufthansa Industry Solutions Shpk

Ralf Struckmeier

Vice President Logistics

Bernhard Kube

Vice President Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

Volker Weller

Vice President Staff Travel Solutions

Management Service Units

Dirk Bähr

Vice President Procurement & Internal Services
Dr. Carin Bornschein-Grass, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Dr. Carin Bornschein-Grass

Chief Information & Process Officer

Yvonne Diederichs & Ines Schmidt

Head of Human Resources
Stefffen Heyn, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Steffen Heyn

Vice President Finance, Controlling & Legal

Heiko Packwitz

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Ingo Pietruska

Vice President Strategic Business Development

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Strategic Partners


Over the years, Microsoft has developed into an open producer of services, software and devices. Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner in the areas of Cloud Platform, DevOps and Data Analytics as well as a Silver Partner in the area of Application Development. This means we are certified as consultants for the wide range of Microsoft technologies and processes. Our service offering includes the Azure-based products Cloud Computing, AI&Analytics, Application Management and DevOps as well as MS Dynamics 365 (Sales, Service, Marketing). In addition to this, our certification includes our innovation management application “Mydea”, which operates on SharePoint and Office 365. This long-standing partnership enables us to expand our own solutions in a timely manner, to develop customized IT solutions together with Microsoft, and to make new functions available to our customers as early as possible.

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Logo SAP Gold Partner

There has been a close strategic partnership between Lufthansa Industry Solutions and SAP since 1997. Its success is due to a number of joint projects both within the Lufthansa Group as well as for customers from the transport & logistics, automotive, manufacturing and air transport industries, and from the media, tourism, energy and health care sectors. Our skills and SAP experience are evident in our continuous SAP certification and our SAP Gold Partner status in the field of service. With our SAP specialists for SAP strategic consultancy, S/4HANA transformations, business technology platform & analytics, SAP cloud software products, SAP Implementation & Operation as well as all other modules, we supervise all phases of SAP IT projects from planning to implementation to operations.

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Salesforce and Lufthansa Industry Solutions look back on a successful partnership. Since 2016 we have executed projects for our customers on the Salesforce platform as implementation and process consultants.

Our experienced team consists of multiple certified Salesforce specialistswith in-depth industry knowledge from logistics, automotive, industry, sports, healthcare, and many more. We support you in all project phases, from development to integration and deployment of IoT and integration of third-party systems.

As official Salesforce Silver Partner, we implement suitable solutions on the world's leading Customer 360 platform, meeting the specific industry requirements of our customer capabilities, from start-ups to large corporations.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is an Advanced Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This qualification is the result of extensive certification of our IT specialists in the technical and business context as well as the large number of projects carried out in the consulting and development of sophisticated cloud-based applications and the migration of existing applications to the Amazon Cloud.

As a long-standing AWS partner, we have exclusive access to the latest tools, resources and functions, are informed about updates and product enhancements at an early stage and can therefore always advise our customers on the latest state of AWS technology.

This makes us a competent partner for our customers for the development of a tailor-made cloud strategy and its implementation. The use of technologies such as AI components, Data Analytics, IoT or Virtual/Augmented Reality complements and accelerates the customer's path to digitalization.

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Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University


Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a partner of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), Mannheim, in its Business Informatics program. During practical phases, students receive the opportunity to get to know the tasks of our company by taking part in projects and writing assignments. In addition to this, we inform them of entry-level and general career opportunities at Lufthansa Industry Solutions and thus bridging the gap between business and science.

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Nordakademie, Business University in Elmshorn

Logo - Nordakademie Hochschule der Wirtschaft

There has been a collaboration between Lufthansa Industry Solutions and the Nordakademie in its cooperative study program Business Informatics since 2012. This training provides those interested with an ideal introduction to the business of IT consulting. At the Nordakademie, students study for 3.5 years to receive their Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics. During practical phases, they deepen their theoretical knowledge by taking part in Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ national and international projects. This is where they gain experience in areas such as software development, process consulting, IT organization and coordination, and database development.

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University of Hamburg

Logo - Universität Hamburg

Lufthansa Industry Solutions has been successfully working with the University of Hamburg and its IT Management & Consulting (ITMC) master’s program since 2012. We contribute experience along with our specialist skills and expertise in lecture series and guest lectures. With internships, projects and assignments, we enable students to gain insights into our exciting and diverse range of company tasks. At the same time, we get to know more about students’ interests and motivations, and we inform them about entry-level and general career opportunities at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. Everybody involved profits from this productive exchange of experience and knowledge.

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