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Lufthansa Industry Solutions is shaping Miami as the hub for digitalization in the Americas. Not only we are developing the South Florida area, but we are equipped with a team that can support top markets across the US and abroad. From IT/data consulting, system integration, product/project management, and media specialists; our team is equipped with experts that carry qualified skills to innovate in their areas:

Converged Infrastructure Services

The Converged Infrastructure Services division develops new platforms and integrated network infrastructures for many industries. The IT solutions go from location-based services up to cabin control systems. This involves combining WLAN, monitoring and controlling lighting, door locking, and air conditioning systems (room automation), as well as safety equipment (CCTV) into a single network.

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Data Analytics & AI Services

Our Data Analytics team assists companies in their data ecosystem, combining big data with classic business intelligence technologies, generating insights and predictions for better business performance. The use of data and its further processing as part of intelligent systems has the potential to save resources while increasing the quality of products and the efficiency of processes.

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IRIS AI – People and Object Detection

Keeping control of your customers or objects on-site ensures a smooth and safe flow through their locations. IRIS AI is a computer vision analytics service to identify, track and monitor people, vehicles, or any objects in any facility. It uses existing camera streams to identify people and objects, recognize moving directions, and estimate dwell time. Data captured through these video streams will allow operations managers to optimize the overall functions on-site, as IRIS AI is applicable to different use cases.

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A combination of the best professionals in the market and a high-quality, well-structured working style are the most striking features that await employees who join the company. LHIND relies on well-educated young people and the state-of-the-art experience of our staff gained in a variety of highly sophisticated projects.

To us, customer satisfaction is the highest priority. Valuing and expecting integrity is what our employees do.

We focus on:

  • People – a wide range of training and professional development opportunities
  • Processes – from onboarding to a defined career path
  • Progress – growing bigger and better

The key lies in a corporate culture based on high performance, constant teamwork, respect and recognition.