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Data Analytics & AI Services

Our team of data scientists and data engineers has a proven track of successfully consulting and implementing Data Analytics and AI applications with customers from various industries. We assist our customers on AI feasibility, technology environment, and business value generated by data applications.

Our services cover everything from setting up a data management platform over data visualization and predictive analytics projects to specifically designed digital platforms.

Data Management

The first step in each data project is to get the data. We support our clients to set-up or improve an existing data management platform. This includes ETL process, data storage & cleaning, and data optimization. Data management services are conducted on in-house servers or include a cloud integration.

Data Visualization

The best data is visual data. We support our clients to visualize data of any format. Data visualization services include the creation of a particular dashboard, a dashboard environment, or a fully integrated business intelligence platform. Data visualization services are conducted in strong collaboration with the client’s business departments.

AI – Proof of Concept 

Start small with AI – and move mountains. We support our clients in finding out what’s in for their business by using AI applications. We confidently assess the data quality, calculate the best- and worst-case scenarios for the business value and present a roadmap for the requested AI usage. AI proof of concept projects takes around two to four weeks for value assessing. 

Demand Prediction

Data-based demand predictions tend to be much more accurate than any other demand estimate method. Whether it is several passengers, boxes of strawberries, or kilowatt-hours of energy, we support our clients in predicting demand. Our demand prediction technique is based on a machine-learning algorithm and helps small and large businesses to overcome any demand fluctuations.

Dynamic Pricing 

In the world of rapid change, dynamic pricing applications are essential tools to compete and offer the right price to the right person. We assist our clients in using and developing dynamic pricing applications. We apply our data analytics expertise to clients and market data to calculate the revenue-maximizing price. Dynamic pricing applications can be integrated into the client’s IT environment or used as a service offering from Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

Predictive Analytics 

As more data is becoming available within a company, more opportunities arise to use the data for a business-generating purpose. We assist our clients on how to use existing data for predicting events and outcomes in the future. Predictive analytics projects involve both clients’ IT and business professionals to achieve the best possible prediction results.

Text Analytics

What do your customers think about your product or service? How do customers review your product on social media platforms? We support our clients with text analytics to find out customer’s sentiments about your product or service.

As a reference case, dive into what cruise customers think about cruising during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. More information.

Video Analytics

Tracking customers in a physical environment is possible by applying video analytics software. We consult our clients on hardware integration and provide the right software for path tracking and heatmapping. Video analytics software can be used with identification features or be completely anonymized. 

PASCAL – Digital Platform for Bus Coach Operators

Boost your bus operator business with the most innovative Data Analytics and IoT Apps such as cancellation prediction, prize optimization, or customer satisfaction monitoring – without developing costs. PASCAL provides a variety of app for bus operators which are ready to be used in real-time through a modular, neutral & digital platform. As a bus operator, just select the appropriate application, depending on your requirements and we will establish a secure data connection to PASCAL applications.

You can learn more about PASCAL by watching our webinar and reading the whitepaper hosted here.

Data Analytics & AI References

Data Visualization at Coach USA

For our customers at Coach USA, we performed a sales analysis and visualized the results in an online accessible dashboard. Coach USA benefitted from our combined expertise in data analytics and data visualization. A range of different causality KPIs were calculated and integrated into a live view dashboard.

Data Management at Crystal Cruises

For our customers at Crystal Cruisers, we performed data evaluation and management assessment and provided a roadmap for standardized and cloud-based data usage. Additionally, a data live-view was integrated into a cloud-based dashboard.

Predictive Analytics at LSG Skychefs

For our customer at LSG Skychefs, we performed an AI – Proof of Concept project evaluating and assessing the benefits of an AI application in the area of pricing. The deliverables included a data quality assessment and a prototype of the AI application.