IRIS AI – People and object detection

Keeping control of your customers or objects on-site ensures a smooth and safe flow through their locations. IRIS AI is a computer vision analytics service to identify, track and monitor people, vehicles, or any objects in any facility. It uses existing camera streams to identify people and objects, recognize moving directions, and estimate dwell time. Data captured through these video streams will allow operations managers to optimize the overall functions on-site, as IRIS AI is applicable to different use cases.

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People count and dwell time

Stadiums, Airports, Ports, Retailers, and other mass gathering venues can now track the reception level and time enjoyed by visitors along their sites. Allowing guests to easily transit through a location would allow them to experience the best quality time on the ground and remember the place for other interactions that they had during their stay. IRIS AI, the computer vision analytics service by LHIND will ensure to identify, track and monitor people, vehicles, or any objects in any facility. People are recognized and monitored throughout the time they are in the camera view. IRIS AI is an add-on service to your current security system and complements its efficiency by providing valued data that will help any operations team to improve the overall crowd flow. 

Buffet and shelf monitoring

The buffet and shelf monitoring feature monitors the fill level of buffets or shelves. This feature is designed for a real-time view of the fill level of any food buffets or merchandise shelves. It also captures information on the speed of consumption and time since the last refill. Using this information, operators can better predict each provision that they will be needing to re-stock and avoid leftovers. A greener and smarter strategy to run any galley. The solution promotes a sustainable process flow of the food offered. With the restaurant industry disposing of $162 billion annually in food waste costs according to the USDA, every sector needs to act.

Table analytics

Making sure customers enjoy a clean eating area is almost as important as the food & beverage quality. It demonstrates that you want your customers to have a good time while they are dining. A clean establishment is also important in making a good impression and helps to promote customer loyalty. Table analytics feature monitors the cleanliness and occupancy of tables in restaurants and lounges. This feature provides real-time information on whether a table is available or occupied and whether it is clean or needs service.

Fall detection and notification

If a customer or worker suffers an injury by falling, immediate support is crucial to prevent the individual from lying helpless for hours on site and prevent more serious complications. Fall detection and notification feature track in real-time whether a person is on the ground. This feature provides information on emergency needs in a particular area by alerting surveillance teams of unusual and risky situations.