Asset tracking software for locating and monitoring moving objects in real time

LEAP – Monitor your locations, optimize your processes, generate business

Via our Locating Engine and Analytics Platform (LEAP), we offer companies a means of monitoring their objects using location and condition-based information. By incorporating IoT sensors, LEAP opens up ways for you to respond to the collected data flexibly and in real time, and – in turn – to optimize your processes and realize brand-new business models.

LEAP is not some complicated locating system. Rather, it can be implemented almost effortlessly within company-specific structures to accommodate business models that rely on location-based data. Our asset tracking software gives you full control over your assets at all times along with access to the related location and condition information.

What can our LEAP asset tracking system do?

LEAP (Locating Engine and Analytics Platform) is a locating and tracking platform that provides companies with sensor-based information on demand: Smart IoT sensors collect data about mobile objects and goods, and deliver useful value-added information from the process chain in real time – from logistics through to delivery – to enable complete monitoring of their current location and condition. As soon as an object reaches or leaves a predefined location (a technique known as geofencing) or when defined sensor thresholds are exceeded or undershot, the system sends corresponding notifications via email or submits them to the relevant interfaces. Not only does this allow companies to develop services for their own customers based on the data from LEAP; it can also play a major role in optimizing costs. In the area of return logistics, for example, trackers can be used much more cost effectively or can be conveniently leased as part of our Device as a Service package.

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Using the cloud-based omlox standard, sensor-based data from various sources – such as air freight, goods transport, and container shipping – can be transmitted to all kinds of end devices and applications in an efficient and compatible manner.

LEAP – An asset tracking software package tailored to your needs

When you opt for LEAP, we provide you with an all-inclusive software package. We handle every aspect of life cycle management – from installation and support through to administration – and take care of the entire value-added chain, from concept development right through to provision of the sensors. With LEAP, you get a vendor-neutral locating solution that represents a solid investment and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing processes. Lufthansa Industry Solutions is setting new standards within the asset tracking industry with LEAP. We can also use it to help your company optimize its processes and to develop and expand IoT business models that rely on location-based data.


Using LEAP to unlock untapped potential

Our experience has shown that companies often lack the transparency required for efficient object management. At the same time, however, many of them balk at the effort involved in collecting and managing the necessary information. From the perspective of putting the necessary hardware and software into operation and managing these, they think that this would take up too much time and too many resources, particularly when different data sources and platforms have to be interlinked. The complexity increases even further when different use cases impose diverse requirements on the systems and when solutions from different manufacturers need to be combined with one another. For this reason, it is often the case that the potential for optimization simply remains untapped.

By contrast, our LEAP asset tracking system offers a relatively easy and cost-effective way of monitoring and managing objects via real-time tracking. Consequently, it opens up new opportunities for companies to unlock their own potential and to develop IoT business models, e.g., in the area of track and pay.

What added value does our LEAP asset tracking software offer?

  • LEAP increases the level of object and process transparency.
    As a locating engine, LEAP provides one central solution for monitoring objects and processes. Thanks to the incorporation of IoT sensors, LEAP makes information visible and usable for the purpose of realizing a cost-effective cloud-based operating model.
  • LEAP makes hardware management easier while minimizing costs
    Our LEAP asset tracking system takes care of all those time- and resource-intensive hardware management tasks. Within our LEAP ecosystem, the life cycle management feature for IoT sensors offers maximum flexibility for meeting company-specific needs. LHIND ensures worldwide coverage through the integration of various devices and mobile communications providers. Furthermore, the LEAP leasing model helps to minimize initial procurement costs through monthly payments .
  • LEAP provides the basis for developing your own business models
    As a white label solution, LEAP does not just enable companies to optimize their processes but also to develop their own business models based on LEAP.

How does the LEAP asset tracking system work?

As a locating platform, LEAP is based on an integrated combination of IoT sensors, asset tracking software, and life cycle management. This makes LEAP a cost-effective and user-friendly solution that increases transparency and shows companies where there is potential for optimization.

  1. IoT sensors
    Once we have analyzed your individual use cases, we provide the appropriate sensors for collecting the required information. LEAP allows you to use IoT sensors from different manufacturers for the purpose of collecting data points such as temperature, air humidity, fill level, location, and any abrupt shocks.
  2. Asset tracking software
    The data collected from the sensors is brought together on the LEAP locating platform and is clearly presented by the software. Consequently, you get an overview of all the objects that are equipped with sensors, are able to view all the relevant information in real time, and can configure alarms for specific thresholds. The advantage for you: The tracking platform is cloud-based and so you can access it at any time and from absolutely anywhere.
  3. Life cycle management for IoT sensors
    The intelligent life cycle management feature within LEAP covers the complete hardware management for the IoT sensors – from the battery life to the duration of mobile communications contracts – thereby ensuring the seamless collection of all information. What’s more, the LEAP refurbishment process makes it easier for you to get defective hardware repaired and replaced.

Ideal application areas for our LEAP asset tracking system

LEAP is ideal for any company with a large number of moving objects whose location and/or condition play(s) a crucial role in the company’s own business processes. It is also perfect for companies that want to develop business models themselves in the areas of IoT, tracking, track and pay, tracking as a service, or geofencing. Not only that, but the ability to locate all moving objects indoors or outdoors opens up countless potential uses for LEAP:

LEAP creates greater transparency with regard to deliveries and the modes of transport used. Information such as the location, temperature, or any abrupt movements can be tracked.

In conjunction with IoT sensors, LEAP can be used to measure and transmit fill levels, enabling massive gains in efficiency when planning waste collection routes.

LEAP can be used to locate vehicles at any time. Even capital-intensive vehicles, such as forklifts or cranes, can be monitored worldwide.

LEAP allows the global monitoring of production facilities, machinery, and tools. Incidents such as damage or theft are recorded and reported immediately.

LHIND and LEAP: What makes us the ideal company to contact about the challenges you face

  • Here at Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND), we have been active in the field of system integration for many years and have built up a wealth expertise in this area.
  • Our knowledgeable team is made up of technology and business experts who will ensure that LEAP is implemented perfectly at a technical level and that sustained cost-effectiveness is achieved. We will assist you all the way, from initial concept and implementation right through to the operation and optimization of your tailored asset tracking software.
  • Thanks to our close collaboration with various IoT sensor manufacturers, we are able to respond to your individual requirements at any time and provide you with suitable solutions.

If you would like to know more about the various fields of application for LEAP or wish to discuss your specific use case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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DeepHub Inside

DeepHub is a leading location middleware based on the global, open standard for location technologies, omlox. LEAP uses DeepHub technology as a central element for the management of real-time location data and thus supports the omlox standard.

  • omlox is a global open standard for locating technologies that is hosted by Profibus.
  • It allows the standardized integration and interoperability of AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) and locating technologies using an approach that is 100% technology- and provider-neutral.
  • omlox enables greater cost-effectiveness, faster implementation, and flexible scaling of solutions.
  • DeepHub is a middleware known for its lightweight architecture, unparalleled performance and ease of use, enabling complete interoperability of all location technologies.
  • DeepHub forms the basis for new, innovative solutions and smooth implementation, across different setups and company boundaries.
  • DeepHub can be used universally and is suitable for every use case in Location-based Services, for every infrastructure and with every solution partner.

Using LEAP in conjunction with DeepHub Inside and the omlox standard enables sensors and locating technologies to be integrated in a vendor-neutral way.

As a result, the end user is not tied to a specific manufacturer or to a particular technology – allowing greater flexibility when choosing solutions and partners.

Other advantages for the end user are the greater cost-effectiveness, faster implementation, and flexible scaling of solutions thanks to the use of LEAP in combination with DeepHub Inside and the omlox standard. The standardized integration and interoperability of AIDC and locating technologies makes implementation easier and ensures that processes run smoothly at different locations and companies.

In addition, DeepHub enables effective data analysis because, as a middleware product, it provides a central platform for exchanging data between different sensors and systems. This can lead to improved process optimization and, ultimately, to cost savings for the end user.

Use case: track and pay

Track and pay is a use case enabling seamless monitoring and payment within the context of logistics and goods transport services. Using LEAP, valuable shipments can be equipped with trackables that can be monitored precisely and in real time. This technology makes it possible to track deliveries exactly for the purpose of monitoring the delivery status and condition of the products at any time. Moreover, payments can be processed automatically as soon as delivery has been successfully completed. In this way, track and pay ensures greater efficiency and transparency within the logistics and goods transport sector.

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