Universally smart networked value adding processes with 5G

Whitepaper on 5G shows worthwhile potential of campus networks

Especially in the form of a private campus network, 5G, the fifth generation of the mobile communications standard, offers companies particularly smart and efficient connectivity that meets the highest of requirements in terms of bandwidth, latency time, and reliability. The whitepaper “Private 5G networks” shows opportunities, application examples and the enormous optimization potentials for German industry, the healthcare sector, logistics, and areas such as the maintenance of machines and systems.

Smart connectivity with 5G: increased efficiency and data security

Companies from diverse industries can take their digitalization to a whole new level with private 5G networks, what are called campus networks. The 5G use cases from various industries that are outlined in the whitepaper show how companies are already benefiting from 5G. For instance, establishing an internal 5G network offers each company an unlimited data volume. In addition, sensitive data is always transferred securely and reliably within the network. Whether and how an internal 5G network can help – as the whitepaper shows – depends on the individual circumstances and the specific use case.

5G has long since become established in practice

As a reliable network standard, 5G has already been in operational use at Lufthansa Technik since 2020. Here, 5G offers the option of what is called virtual table inspection (VTI) for the visual inspection of engine parts. High-resolution video links with low latency – thanks to 5G – are of central importance in this process. The images are transferred from a smartphone or a tablet, thereby enabling remote customers and mechanics on the ground to jointly analyze removed parts on the screen and make repair or exchange decisions – with extensive mobility in the large halls. To achieve this, Lufthansa Technik set up its own 5G campus network. This network has long since progressed from test to regular operation and has now been extended to multiple production sites and a total area measuring several hundreds of thousands of square meters.

Free download: whitepaper “Private 5G networks”

In this whitepaper, find out which options 5G offers your company, too, for increasing the efficiency of networked processes.


Brief insights into our whitepaper "Private 5G networks"

The whitepaper also contains examples of applications from the areas of maintenance (MRO), logistics, industry, and health. These demonstrate that the establishment of a private 5G network is essentially conceivable within all companies that attach great importance to secure and reliable connectivity and want to retain sovereignty over their sensitive data.

In the whitepaper “Private 5G networks”, find out:
Wi-Fi is usually the standard within companies. In the form of private 5G, this is joined by a new standard that should be implemented not as a replacement for, but as an addition to, existing networks.
  • What the benefits of a private 5G network for companies are
  • What the differences between the various wireless networks (Wi-Fi 6, public 5G, and private 5G networks) are
  • How low the effort and costs required for a private 5G network are
  • Why large areas are easier to connect with 5G than with Wi-Fi or cables
  • How a private 5G network makes handling highly-confidential data even simpler and more secure
  • Which application options 5G offers in combination with the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI)
  • How a private 5G network can be used to develop a business model

In the whitepaper ”Private 5G networks”, find out how easy it is to set up an internal company 5G campus network and the opportunities and potentials it offers your company in terms of increased efficiency and IT security.

Free download: whitepaper “Private 5G networks”

In this whitepaper, find out which options 5G offers your company, too, for increasing the efficiency of networked processes.