Supply chain digitization

Supply chain and Logistics 4.0: IT solutions for companies in transport and logistics

A smart supply chain is one element of a successful digital transformation. This is because digitalization and changing customer expectations with regard to information and mobility are driving Logistics 4.0. Automated processes, telematics, big data, sensor technology and cloud solutions are helping companies to digitalize their supply chains and have led to improvements in many areas of the transport and logistics industry.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions was recognized as a relevant player in the digital factory in the three use case clusters “Predictive Analytics & Maintenance”, “Traceability” and “Asset & Plant Performance Monitoring” by teknowlogy. According to teknowlogy, the leading independent European market analysis and consulting company for the IT industry, LHIND has proven to be able to address all related use cases in these categories.

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For example, mobile solutions help CEP services to optimize last mile logistics. The Logistics Box is making intelligent routing possible across different modes of transport. Together with companies from the transport and logistics industry, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is developing unique solutions on the way to a smart supply chain.