SAP services and SAP consulting

The fields of application for SAP are getting larger and larger: It is the goal of many companies to have consistent, internationally consolidated SAP landscapes. This is because companies that operate internationally can reduce and centralize reporting, for example, with the help of system platforms that run on SAP S/4HANA. In addition to this, companies that operate globally can meet growing competitive pressure if they use globally integrated, consistent IT systems with streamlined processes.

As an SAP partner, Lufthansa Industry Solutions has a complete portfolio of SAP services and SAP consulting on offer for medium-sized and large companies. This includes services such as system integration, migration, company-wide integration, mobility, application management, process-oriented SAP consulting, international SAP roll-out projects and technologies such as SAP HANA, Fiori and UI5. In addition to this, our core competencies include the further development of SAP landscapes in the field of industry.

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Manage business models and processes optimally – with SAP

From SMEs to major corporations, businesses need agile systems and innovative technologies to rise to the challenge of the digital transformation. The solutions from SAP and its partner Lufthansa Industry Solutions can support them in identifying new business models and optimizing business processes.
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Knüppel switches from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA

The packaging specialist Knüppel has swapped its aging, customized SAP R/3 system landscape for an integrated SAP S/4HANA landscape.
Knüppel switches to S/4HANA
Erfahren Sie mehr über die LHIND Kundenreferenz Lufthansa Technik: Realtime-Reporting mit SAP-HANA-Datenbank

Real-time reporting powered by a new SAP HANA database

In order to increase reaction speeds in its international overhaul business, Lufthansa Technik is now using the unified system platform SAP HANA.
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SAP GTS: conducting foreign trade cost effectively while ensuring compliance

Foreign trade involves numerous obligations for international companies, which they can fulfill more easily using the software solution SAP Global Trade Services.
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Erfahren Sie mehr über die LHIND Kundenreferenz Lufthansa Technik: Reporting-Plattform für Flugzeugwartung und Predictive-Maintenance-Analysen

A new reporting platform simplifies aircraft overhaul

Lufthansa Technik is meeting new reporting requirements in the field of overhaul with a new platform powered by SAP BW on HANA.
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Erfahren Sie mehr über die LHIND Kundenreferenz Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg: Self-Service-System zur Dienstplanerstellung

More staff involvement with a new self-service system

With its self-service rostering system, the Heidelberg University Hospital has increased the involvement of staff and management during rostering.
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Setting off into the future with modern IT systems: reorganizing hospitals

More efficient work flows and cost savings: Hospitals can take action more efficiently when they standardize their ERP and HIS systems
Standardizing ERP and HIS systems

Crisp Research study 2019: IoT – make or buy

Crisp Research study 2019 on IoT (Internet of Things) – make or buy: Find out more about how businesses in Germany are implementing and operating IoT platforms and projects.
More about the study IoT – make or buy 2019
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Manage the roll-out of harmonized company processes worldwide

Companies looking to remain competitive need to advance their own internationalization. To do so, companies must standardize their processes and manage the roll-out of the new system.
International roll-out management
Erfahren Sie mehr über die LHIND Kundenreferenz Hamburg Süd: Entwicklung eines zentralen weltweiten IT-Systems

A centralized IT system for the new world of logistics

The development of a new, globally integrated IT system is helping the Hamburg Süd Group standardize its range of products and processes.
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