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myDutyTrip travel management software simplifies the entire business trip process for airlines and ID travel

Processing business trips is an extensive procedure that can be carried out significantly more efficiently using a digital platform. The comprehensive myDutyTrip travel management software helps airlines and other companies with ID travel entitlements to reduce their workload, cut costs, fulfill their duty of care, and ensure employee flexibility and satisfaction.

The amount of work involved in travel management and travel expenses for airlines and companies with ID travel entitlements should not be underestimated. Even though digital collaboration and the option of video conferencing are more widespread today than ever before, business trips to on-site meetings still represent an indispensable part of everyday working life. From small airlines to global players – all airlines and companies with ID travel entitlements benefit from a high level of digitalization thanks to the cutting-edge travel management software.


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Travel management software supports the entire process

Often, duty travel processes are not yet consistently digitalized in a single tool or on a single platform, particularly in the case of airlines and in the ID travel sector, meaning that multiple systems are frequently needed to book a business trip. The employees book ID flights in tool A and accommodation on platform B. The supervisor approves the trip beforehand via another method and the travel expenses have to be submitted on yet another platform. And these processes usually differ, e.g., for crews and administration, too.

myDutyTrip consigns this to the past, because it is a travel management software that enables all aspects of a business trip to be handled digitally and in one place. Developed by LHIND specifically for airlines and their travel needs, myDutyTrip provides support throughout the entire process, from planning, through approval and booking, to reporting travel expenses. In doing so, this smart, cost-effective, and easy to use self-service system makes work easier for those who have to travel for business purposes and everyone else involved in the process, as well as reducing expenditure within the company.


Travel management software for Airlines and ID Travel
Possible cost reduction
  • Direct cost savings in the high double-digit % range possible thanks to access to ID travel terms and special partner offers
  • Indirect cost savings in the middle double-digit % range achievable thanks to seamless planning, approval, booking, and accounting within one single platform
Are you a myIDTravel customer or interested?

Then extend your ID travel management for your employees’ business trips with myDutyTrip or, best of all, think about this option from the word go. This gives you an end-to-end solution that covers all travel components – from ID flights and rental cars to hotel bookings, etc. – and significantly reduces your costs and workload.

Airlines & companies of all sizes with ID travel entitlements

Benefit from using myDutyTrip, the digital and user-friendly travel management software:

  • Numerous airlines are already using myDutyTrip
  • Significantly reduce your costs and workload
  • Also enhance the safety of your employees and optimize your duty of care

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From travel management and travel expense accounting to reporting – what myDutyTrip does

myDutyTrip is a cutting-edge piece of travel management software that covers all the necessary occurrences during a business trip. Such journeys don’t just start with booking and end when the aircraft takes off, after all. Using the myDutyTrip software allows for the optimization of all stages and aspects of travel planning.

The special feature is that myDutyTrip integrates ID flights into one single travel management solution and thus offers significant cost advantages.

The additional benefits of the end-to-end myDutyTrip solution extend across all travel planning processes – stretching from travel management and expense accounting to analysis and reporting.

The benefits of myDutyTrip
Based on the successful platform "myIDTravel": THE duty travel solution for airlines with integrated ID flight booking: The benefits of myDutyTrip extend across all travel planning processes – stretching from travel management and expense accounting to analysis and reporting.

Within the software, employees can plan, submit requests, make bookings, and invoice for upcoming business trips. What’s more, they can do all of this themselves, as myDutyTrip is a self-service portal that can be accessed from anywhere 24/7. It is also possible to forward information regarding the requested trip to travel management or departmental managers at predetermined intervals for processing and approval. The kind of approval required can be defined and stored differently depending on the trip destination, duration or travel costs.

In myDutyTrip, airlines and companies with ID travel entitlements can access various suppliers and networks for booking ID flights, accommodation, and other means of travel. A multitude of services can already be booked as standard using the tool. If, for example, there are already agreements in place between the airline/company and a travel provider, or if you prefer to go with a particular company for other reasons, this can be quickly and easily integrated into the software.

Travel policies can be defined in advance, and then stored and applied within myDutyTrip. These provisions then automatically apply to all travel plans made, thus preventing employees from booking overly expensive hotels or otherwise exceeding the prescribed budget.

Even during the trip, the travel management tool makes it possible to react spontaneously to changes, rebook transportation or accommodation, make additional bookings and have them approved. All this can be done on the move, via the app or desktop.

The myDutyTrip travel software for expense report creation and preparation by employees digitalizes and simplifies travel expense management procedures. Here, employees can collect invoices and receipts for ID flights/transportation and hotel costs, per diem allowances, and other expenses, meaning all expenditure for the trip can be recorded or flat rates established.

Recording all this data (as well as forwarding it to the travel expense reporting tool used within the company’s finance department) takes place completely seamlessly within the digital tool. This avoids potential accounting inaccuracies, and increases transparency and clarity. By connecting to existing expense management systems or accounting software, this data can be processed quickly and without additional effort. The employees themselves also benefit from the simple and direct operation and transmission of the data, as well as from accelerated reimbursement of expenses.

The overall effort for everyone involved is reduced, as all processes are digitalized, automated, and optimized. Gone are the days of keeping and handing over receipts, manually calculating costs, making sure they’re assigned to the correct account, and making budgetary decisions without a fully comprehensive set of data.

In addition, myDutyTrip ensures that all regulations regarding retention periods and data protection are adhered to by recording and storing all documents accurately and digitally.

The benefits of myDutyTrip are most noticeable in airlines and companies with ID travel entitlements that experience high levels of travel activity in their workforce – but small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from the security and control that such software provides, and the time savings that free up resources for productive activities that add value for the company. Just like the staff travel managers and other involved departments, the employees no longer have to worry about managing travel expenses.

The fact that all data is collected in a central portal provides new opportunities for analysis and reporting as the data concerned is available in real time and can be accessed and viewed 24/7. This not only promotes data-driven analysis and, in turn, helps companies make more informed decisions, it also serves as an early detection system for impending budget overruns/overspends, attempted fraud, and compliance violations.

Employee travel data is tracked by departure and arrival location, so the company can always know where members of its workforce are at any given time. This is important information for both the security and purchasing departments. If, for example, it becomes clear that specific hotels are booked on a particularly regular basis, this knowledge can be used to negotiate better deals with them that are lower than the usual market price. The same applies to the selection of rental car providers, etc.

The traceability and information density such sophisticated travel management software facilitates provides that all-important overview of travel activities and travel costs within a company. This is the only way to both save costs and optimize processes, as well as to monitor and, ultimately, achieve your company’s own travel management goals.

myDutyTrip in the end-to-end process

The myDutyTrip software has a variety of functions that support all members of staff involved the entire process – from business trip planning, booking, and approval to travel expense reporting and accounting – thus offering an extensive range of benefits before, during, and after the trip.

Before departure, you can manage the most important processes using myDutyTrip, such as:

  • Optional approval procedure settings
  • Storage of the company’s travel policy
  • Flexible definition of the required framework data (project number, reasons for travel, etc.)
  • Travel planning
  • Sending business trip approval requests to the members of staff responsible and approval process
  • Option for separate approval processes for risk areas

Using the software to make bookings is simple and intuitive:

  • Booking ID flights, trains, accommodation, rental cars, etc.
  • Repeated use of existing user profiles or travel information to make bookings
  • Optional approval process, e.g., for additional bookings or the entire cost
  • Multiple bookings per trip

Even while the trip is underway, myDutyTrip can fulfill a range of functions:

  • Changing bookings
  • Immediate approval of changes
  • Optional approval process
  • Travel location tracking
  • Push notifications from the company (e.g., if the employee is in a country experiencing an acute risk situation)
  • Reporting

After the business trip, the software is used for accounting purposes to:

  • Record expenses
  • Upload scanned or photographed receipts
  • Automatically calculate daily meal allowances
  • Optional approval process
  • Transfer data automatically to the accounting tool for expense reimbursement

Optimized processes that employees also notice

Airlines and companies with ID travel entitlements that use the myDutyTrip travel management software see particular benefits in the following areas:

myDutyTrip’s “one-stop-shop” solution allows all employees involved to execute all processes within one central system – they no longer have to switch between different pieces of software or perform the task manually. This means that employees, staff travel managers, team leaders, and department heads have a constant overview of all travel processes and bookings. Costs are therefore visible in real time and controllable at any point in the proceedings, which enables precise expense management. If the budget is exceeded, this can be dealt with directly or blocked immediately, rather than being addressed after the fact. Nothing can be booked that has not been approved in advance or that violates the company’s own travel guidelines.

Both entering travel information manually and non-automated data transfers between different data entry and booking systems can often lead to errors and inaccuracies. myDutyTrip, on the other hand, relies on the digital capture and fully automated transmission of all bookings, receipts, etc., which enables all travel activities and travel expenses to be processed much more quickly and simply, and with no margin for error. Everything is processed seamlessly, within one single system. There is no longer any need for lengthy e-mail exchanges to coordinate changes, for example, nor is there any more need for manual approvals or time-consuming documentation. The entire process is completed with just a few clicks.

As the company’s internal guidelines are already stored in the system in advance and automatically compared with the travel planning in the background, myDutyTrip makes adherence to legal or internal company guidelines and compliance requirements much easier. This prevents bookings from being made that do not comply with the guidelines. In addition, everyone involved can view the guidelines in the system at any time, which allows for errors, compliance violations, and fraud attempts to be prevented or at least detected in good time.

Duty of care where employees are concerned is becoming an increasingly significant issue for companies and their staff travel managers or HR employees. At the company’s request, therefore, the software can allow travel to high-risk destinations to be coupled with separate approval procedures. In this way, the choice of destination, accommodation, and mode of transportation is restricted according to internally defined specifications or linked to special approval procedures. To enable the company to fulfill its duty of care while an employee is undertaking a business trip, the system provides a central overview of their whereabouts. In the event of a natural disaster or other incident at the destination that could endanger the employee’s safety, the company can use push notifications to contact them on site, issue warnings, ask for feedback or provide further information.

Duty of care

The term “duty of care”, in this instance, refers to the legal obligation companies have towards their employees to ensure their well-being and safety in the workplace. This also applies to business trips. It involves, for example, providing employees with all the necessary information about the trip and the destination, facilitating any necessary medical precautions in advance (e.g., vaccinations), and issuing them with the necessary documents, insurance policies, and so on. In utilizing cutting-edge travel management software, the company can also remain in contact with employees during their trip, know their whereabouts and, for example, in the event of an emergency, send push notifications to warn them about incidents at the travel destination.

It’s not only the company that benefits from what myDutyTrip can do. The simplified, automated, and accelerated processes also offer employees a range of advantages. They can book their trips digitally and independently, secure in the knowledge that they’re staying within the specified guidelines and that they only go through approval procedures when they actually have to. During the trip, they can react flexibly as circumstances change around them. Afterwards, rapid travel expense reporting enables them to receive their reimbursement quickly and correctly.

Simple implementation, personalized adaptation

myDutyTrip can be quickly used and requires no considerable effort on the part of your IT department. The one-time implementation costs are low; the same applies to the usage fee, which is only incurred per trip. Use of the service is always billed according to actual use; there are no ongoing costs. An increase in efficiency combined with low integration effort and high user acceptance serve to provide quickly noticeable savings within the company.

The solution can be connected via various interfaces to an existing heterogeneous system landscape. Integration into HR systems, intranet environments, and existing travel expense accounting systems (e.g., SAP) is easily possible; myIDTravel is already integrated directly. Internal company travel policies can be integrated, approval procedures can be customized, and usage rights and roles can be freely assigned.

The benefits at a glance
  • Comprehensive travel management solution with integrated ID flight booking (direct integration of myIDTravel)
  • Very favorable special conditions and ID flights for airlines and other companies with ID travel entitlements
  • Travel costs can be significantly reduced
  • All approval, bookings, amendments, and travel expense settlements related to business trips (ID flights, rail tickets, rental cars, accommodation) are carried out via this ONE central platform
  • Outstanding ease of use ensures a high level of acceptance within the company and among employees
  • Travel expenses can be viewed at any time and are therefore transparent and easy to check
  • The option to insert approval procedures at any point and adapt them for special cases (e.g., risk areas or in several stages depending on travel expenses)
  • Individual assignment of user rights (master access, admin profile, reporting rights, etc.)
  • Internal travel policies and compliance requirements can be stored in the system, allowing for automatic reconciliation of all planning and booking activities
  • The entire process, from planning and booking to invoicing, is seamless and performed digitally

Who benefits from myDutyTrip?

  • Independent booking in compliance with predefined guidelines
  • Accessible 24/7, from any location
  • Flexible rebooking during the trip
  • Easy management and submission of all receipts and expenses
  • Rapid reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Greater transparency, more control
  • Option to contact employees while they’re on site
  • Simplified travel expense tracking
  • Centralized management; automated reconciliation of travel policies and monitoring of approval processes
  • Increased security and improved compliance
  • Uncomplicated setup
  • Quick integration into existing systems
  • Highly easy to use
  • Reliable adherence to security standards
  • Digital and centralized travel expense management
  • Automated billing processes
  • Costs are easy to calculate and monitor; simple forecast creation
  • Reduction in effort and cost


User-friendly on all levels

myDutyTrip can be used on all kinds of devices – laptop, tablet, smartphone, via your web browser or as an app.

Cutting-edge travel management software must not skimp where ease of use is concerned, even when on the move – with the myDutyTrip app, all processes can be completed conveniently on the go and adapted at any time, even while traveling. The app also has an offline mode.

The integrated reports provide the visualization necessary to increase the overview and expand the possibilities for evaluating and analyzing all travel processes quickly.

User roles, ranging from full admin to limited reporting rights, can be customized and assigned.

Learn more about the myDutyTrip travel management software from LHIND

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Travel management systems are digital platforms for travel and expense management that have functions for planning trips, making bookings, submitting receipts, and performing a range of other tasks related to business trips. When using such a system, all tasks are performed within one platform and can be viewed, monitored, and adjusted at any time.

Travel management systems such as myDutyTrip from LHIND for airlines and companies with ID travel entitlements allow business trips to be processed smoothly and seamlessly, covering the entire process from planning, approval, and booking to support while the trip is ongoing and accounting afterwards.

Using travel management software for business trips makes sense for a number of reasons. It simplifies planning, booking, support, and accounting considerably, which not only increases transparency, but also has significant benefits in terms of security and ease of use. The result is optimized processes and a reduction in costs.

ID travel involves trips with special industry discounts that airlines grant mainly to their own employees, but also to the employees of other airlines in certain cases. There are now additional companies with ID entitlements to which airlines make discounted tickets available.

Only persons who work for an airline or whose employers have concluded ID agreements within the industry have ID travel entitlements. These may be employees of ground handlers, airports or other companies that are closely associated with an airline, for instance.