myIDTravel: smart management for ID travel

There is an easy way to manage staff ID travel: Airlines use myIDTravel to manage their employees’ ID travel cost-efficiently. IT departments using this SaaS solution benefit from the advantages of a pay-per-use SaaS, and staff appreciates the application’s intuitive handling via smartphone, tablet or computer.

With increased economic pressure, airlines are looking to reduce the cost of providing ID travel benefits to their employees. At the same time, employee satisfaction and employee benefits play an important in maintaining a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

More than 300 customers of all sizes put their trust in myIDTravel. From all the leading airlines of the world to innovative small regional airlines, they value the cost efficiency and easy connectivity of a central ID travel platform.

Using the cloud to manage travel above the clouds

Airlines can use the cloud-based solution myIDTravel to manage complex interlining processes for business-related and private staff travel intuitively and efficiently. Provided as software as a service (SaaS), myIDTravel can be easily integrated into existing IT environments. Employees simply help themselves using their preferred desktop browser or on their smartphones or tablets.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions developed myIDTravel together with a large customer community, which means that it has a myriad of functions that cover almost all requirements. As a standard solution, the cloud service supports all relevant functions for the management of ID travel. But myIDTravel can also be custom integrated into any normal operating process, such as payment solutions or employee information systems. In addition to this, myIDTravel can process any booking segment in connected computer reservation systems (GDS) of the airline operating the flight or individual flight stage. This means that flights like these no longer have to be settled between airlines, which leads to substantial savings in terms of both costs and time.

The myIDTravel application by Lufthansa Industry Solutions stands for particularly intuitive and innovative travel management. This means that airlines can use our solution to conclude an ID agreement with a new partner in just a few clicks. myIDTravel has an interface that provides access to all of the common reservation systems, HR systems and payment providers for industry discount travel.