Industry 4.0 / IoT

In order to remain competitive, companies need to connect all participants in the value-creation process with one another and automate their processes. If companies equip their machines, vehicles and products with sensors, they can utilize the information they gain – for example, about location, condition, usage and periods of use – in order to utilize resources more cost efficiently and improve customer retention with new services. In addition to this, the Internet of Things helps to monitor the life span of devices – for example, in medical technology or aircraft construction – and provides information about maintenance requirements early on. This makes predictive maintenance possible.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions shows how companies can establish these technological innovations profitably. In doing so, Lufthansa Industry Solutions delivers end-to-end solutions and covers the entire spectrum – from software development to the implementation of cloud platforms and mobile solutions to the creation of security concepts and data analyses.

Utilizing and maintaining devices more efficiently with sensor technology

The IoT is a driver of digitization. If industrial companies utilize sensors, they can use their devices more cost efficiently and provide customers with new services.
More about sensor technology solutions

Connected cars: a business area with a future

Connected cars are providing the automotive industry with an opportunity to stand out from the competition and to develop long-term relationships with their customers by utilizing new digital services.
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The application potential of sensors in refrigerated containers

If shipping companies equip their refrigerated containers with sensors they can offer their customers additional services and increase their revenues.
Two examples of use

Automotive: in the digital fast lane with the right technologies

The latest technological possibilities always form the foundation for all digitalization efforts in the automotive industry, regardless of whether those efforts concern smart factories or mobile online services. Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports companies in choosing the right technologies.
Choosing the right technologies

Wind turbine maintenance 4.0

The complexity of maintenance processes is increasing due to growing demands on quality and safety and mounting documentation requirements. New technologies are simplifying the maintenance of wind farms.
Four fields of application

Innovative logistics services right out of the Box

Logistics companies will play a key role in the digitization of the supply chain. The Logistics Box assists customers during their search for the best transport route.
Logistics services

How CEP service providers are winning the last mile

CEP service providers need to offer customers best-in-class service on the last mile to keep them loyal. Mobile solutions are one way of helping them do just this.
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