IT technologies for more sustainability

Digital transformation to achieve sustainable development goals

The future is green and digital. Technologies such as AI, data analytics, green cloud, and green coding help reduce emissions, create transparency, and leverage potential. As a sustainable digitalization expert, Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports companies in their green transformation.

EU Directive, Supply Chain Act and Co. - regulatory pressure is increasing

Now more than ever, companies are being called upon to do business sustainably for ecological, economic, and social reasons: one driver is the Federal Climate Protection Act. It stipulates that Germany must be climate-neutral by 2045. Companies should therefore reduce their CO2 footprint in time to avoid unnecessary costs through compensation payments.

The EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) along with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) obliges large companies - and from 2025 onwards also the traditional SME sector - to provide comprehensive sustainability reporting. In addition, the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act will require even stricter compliance with environmental protection and human rights along the entire value chain and documentation of the measures taken to achieve this as early as 2023. Here, too, there is a threat of severe fines in the future.

Today, customers and investors are already looking very closely to see whether a company is merely painting itself green or whether sustainability is part of its strategy and culture before they make their purchase or investment decision. Moreover, the topic of sustainability increasingly determines how well a company can position itself in the competition for the best-skilled workers. This is also confirmed by a survey of more than 1,000 employees conducted by Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND).

In your opinion, how does compliance with social and ecological standards generally affect companies?

Eight out of ten employees believe that compliance with environmental and social standards makes a company more attractive as an employer. (from employee survey Supply Chain Act, 79%, agree/disagree)

Digital transformation ensures future viability

In the face of this plethora of obligations, sustainability presents many companies with major challenges. There is often a lack of data and transparency in order to design processes and structures or even business models sustainably.

The ability to manage sustainably is therefore closely related to a company's level of maturity in the fields of digitalization and technology. This is because IT-technological solutions help companies to meet customer requirements and legal regulations, create transparency, optimize processes and save resources and costs. Digital transformation is therefore about nothing less than the future viability and thus the survival of a company.


LHIND lives sustainability

Lufthansa Industry Solutions has extensive digital technology and process know-how. We have been using our expertise for many years to improve our own footprint and to be climate-neutral in the near future. As a Group subsidiary, LHIND also supports the Lufthansa Group with AI solutions and technological approaches to incorporate sustainability information into management decisions in a structured way.

Our customers have access to this knowledge. We focus on five areas:

LHIND's sustainability portfolio covers a total of 5 areas

The LHIND sustainability portfolio in detail:

Do you need relevant data to manage the company with regard to sustainability goals and for non-financial reporting?

LHIND helps you to define and collect sustainability data, consolidate it and calculate your sustainability performance based on it. We structure your ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data so that it can be easily updated and used for business decisions.

Based on your controlling requirements and by monitoring your sustainability data, we develop solutions precisely tailored to your needs and resources. Learn more

Do you want to significantly reduce your CO2 emissions in production and need a reliable data basis for this?

Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports you with identifying your sustainability potentials and achieving a reduction of your CO2 footprint through digital products.

Processes along the entire value chain need to be reviewed and, if necessary, adapted to comply with the law. LHIND supports you in the development of ideas, conception, and implementation of efficient, digital solutions.

LHIND supports you in developing ideas and concepts, and implementing efficient digital solutions.

As a company, do you want to make your IT more sustainable by optimizing resource consumption and energy efficiency? LHIND has defined three focal points for this:

  • Green Software Architecture
  • Green Software Development incl. Green Coding
  • Green Infrastructure

With Greening of IT, we combine performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness to find the optimal solution based on your individual requirements.

Digital work tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and mobile devices need to be integrated into company processes and the innovative power in the company strengthened?

LHIND supports you in implementing collaboration concepts and introducing successful innovation management - for example, via our self-developed Mydea platform.

End-to-end sustainability consulting

We offer digital sustainability solutions as an end-to-end process, i.e., from consulting to implementation and operation.

In addition to our technological know-how, you can also benefit from our industry expertise in the automotive, aviation, industry, energy, healthcare and transport and logistics sectors. Together, we will select the right solutions to move your company forward on the path to a sustainable future.

Our motto: "Think digital. Act digital. Together."

In line with our motto, we also work with numerous technology partners in the area of sustainability.

Contact us for a sustainability consultation so that together we can identify the potential in your company and start towards a more sustainable future.