Machine learning: Success factor even during crises

Follow-up study for 2021: The new IDG Machine Learning Study 2021

The potential for process optimizations or the development of new products and services from using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is well known – and exists even during crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. By now, however, AI and ML have become much more than an option: Companies that flinch at big investments in this area risk losing out.

The IDG Machine Learning Study 2021

The majority (73 percent) of large companies places its bets on Machine Learning: in case of IT problems, to improve production and in the logistics and sales sectors – this is the clear result of the study by Lufthansa Industry Solutions in cooperation with IDG. However, the study also demonstrates that in light of rising customer expectations, increasing economic pressure and an ever more complex IT infrastructure, support from self-learning systems has become indispensable if a company wants to remain in the market. Furthermore, the challenges that many companies must meet when using ML and AI are becoming clear, as are the reasons why nonetheless there is no alternative in the long term.

The study was conducted by IDG Research Services in cooperation with Lufthansa Industry Solutions in April/May 2021 and thus follow up on the IDG Machine Learning Study 2020. There were 367 interviews. The companies surveyed came from various industries and have different company sizes and annual revenues.

The Machine Learning Study 2021 contains:
  • Detailed numbers on the assessment of developments related to Machine Learning by decision-makers and IT specialists in more than 360 companies
  • An overview of the reasons and goals for introducing Machine Learning in companies
  • Success rates of AI projects
  • Insights into which AI/ML methods are increasingly used in companies
  • Corresponding explanations about the challenges and problem areas in the Machine Learning sector
  • Background about why the company structure must be adjusted to support AI and ML
Now download the entire study free of charge as a PDF!

In the IDG Machine Learning Study 2021, learn how decision-makers assess current developments related to Machine Learning and what challenges smaller companies face.

You can read in the IDG study all results, as well as additional assessments by and interviews with various experts. Below is a compressed summary of some important insights.

The ML status of companies broken down by IT budget.
Are Machine Learning technologies used at your company? Which of the descriptions below is closest to the ML status in your company?
  • The added value of Machine Learning is evident more quickly than expected
    The study shows that the majority of companies can benefit from ML technologies already after three months, at most.
  • In large companies, Machine Learning has become indispensable
    As many as 73 percent of large companies with more than 10,000 employees use ML technologies. Among smaller companies, that number is still 59 percent.
  • The financial aspect is decisive
    More than 60 percent of companies with an IT budget of over ten million Euro already use ML technologies. Only 41 percent of companies with smaller IT budgets are doing so.
  • The lack of professionals continues to be a problem
    The lack of specialists and professionals has been one of the biggest problems for years. This year, that fact has also barely changed.
  • The price is the decisive criterion
    When selecting the ML software that fits one’s own company, price is the most important factor for 37 percent of the companies surveyed.