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AI as a Service: Integrating AI tools with very little effort

AI is one of today's most significant IT trends and has long since become a part of everyday life. Many companies wish to implement AI in order to remain competitive, however they shy away from the investment and the necessary resources for its implementation. Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) solves resource problems by allowing AI to be used without having to consider development, training or support beforehand. It creates a holistic package that makes it easy for even small organizations to reap the many benefits AI can offer.

AIaaS – the solution for companies requiring AI

AI applications are on the rise across many industries: According to Bitkom Research, only 8% of companies have adopted AI solutions thus far, but more than two-thirds consider artificial intelligence to be indispensable technology (as of April 2021). Companies can overcome a range of obstacles before they even encounter them with the aid of a strong AIaaS partner.

  • Flexibility: AIaaS can be adapted to individual business requirements and used in different areas within a company.
  • Transparency: Companies only pay for the applications they actually use. They can also receive efficient and detailed reports on the work that has been performed.
  • Scalability: AIaaS can be scaled up or down depending on a business’s needs and growth. All AI tools can be added one at a time, so businesses can take small steps down the path to using artificial intelligence.
  • Cost efficiency: AI outsourcing saves companies the cost of having to develop AI solutions internally, and outsourcing also eliminates the need to hire additional in-house staff.
  • Quick, easy implementation: Companies don’t need to hire a team of experts or develop complex infrastructure; with a competent AIaaS partner in tow, companies can deploy AI tools in a short space of time.

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • Manually performed sorting and assignment tasks are time-consuming and a major source of errors
  • Evaluating data from forms, emails and other documents manually delays response times and hampers processes within the company
  • Routine tasks such as customer inquiries often end up in the wrong department or with the wrong person, so that in the worst-case scenario they end up lost in a flood of data
  • Planning and control tasks such as booking figures, delivery quantities and price calculations are not reliable
  • Scaling of simple tasks is only possible with an increase in team hours
  • Fluctuations in order volume are difficult to compensate for when processing order requests manually

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Definition – What is AlaaS?

AIaaS is short for Artificial Intelligence as a Service and refers to turnkey, off-the-shelf AI tools that make it easy for businesses to benefit from using the technology.

AIaaS makes AI technology that can automate and accelerate business processes accessible to everyone. Through application programming interfaces (APIs), users can harness the power of AI without having to write a single line of code. Individual AI tools can be implemented within a company and processes can be optimized sustainably, even with a modest budget. Of course, if a company wishes, the various AI tools can also be customized and tailored to suit its needs. Furthermore, customers receive in-depth consulting from their AI partners alongside the various AI applications, leaving no potential untapped. In addition, employees working with the AI tools receive training as and when required to facilitate the smoothest possible transition.

Automated business processes – AI as a Service from LHIND

AIaaS procedures and advantages
With AIaaS, you can focus on your core business activities.

Almost all industries and companies can benefit from AIaaS. AI services from Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) provide the greatest benefit to companies that see an urgent need for AI but are unable to implement it due to a lack of expertise or resources. As a strong AI partner, LHIND provides easy-to-implement AI tools that can be adapted and scaled flexibly.

In addition, LHIND’s AI expertise means that companies do not need to employ additional specialists to develop the processes or the company’s AI capabilities. LHIND also provides a complex infrastructure for implementing the technology, meaning companies that want to take the first step towards applying artificial intelligence can get started almost immediately and with minimal risk.

In figures – concrete advantages of AI as a Service solutions for your company

The biggest advantage of AI as a Service is its quick and effortless implementation. The AI tools deployed provide an increase in efficiency by automating several processes. Companies can increase the effectiveness of individual processes by up to 60% by using the various AI tools that automate repetitive tasks. Of course, this also results in saved time, which in turn leads to a cost reduction of up to 20%. Furthermore, by integrating various AI tools, forecasting accuracy can be increased by up to 90%, resulting in an error reduction of up to 98%.

Calculate your savings potential now

60% increase

20% cost reduction

90% forecasting accuracy

98% error reduction


Typical uses for AI within a company

Illustration of the application areas of AI as a Service and their benefits.
AI as a Service can be integrated in a wide range of application areas and provides many advantages.
  • MailReplyAI: The MailReplyAI categorizes emails and can automatically answer simple queries regarding transport status, price queries or similar.
  • CustomerFeedbackAI: CustomerFeedbackAI helps service providers improve their products and services by automatically analyzing customer feedback.
  • VisitorPredictionAI: VisitorPredictionAI helps manage visitor flows intelligently using automated people counting and prediction capabilities.
  • CashOfficeAI: CashOfficeAI is a cash flow analysis solution. The AI evaluates expenses in real time, categorizes them and generates forecasts for the coming months.
  • ForecastAI: A framework with different models enables time series for different use cases to be predicted.
  • AnonymizationAI: AnonymizationAI extracts and replaces GDPR-relevant information in free text via an API.
  • SmartAssistantAI: Our SmartAssistantAI processes your company-specific input into precise, understandable, and relevant responses, surpassing impersonal chatbots by leveraging advanced language models. Furthermore, it ensures GDPR compliance, ensuring that your data remains protected and in your possession.
  • SmartInvoiceAI: Our Smart Invoice transforms your internal invoice documents through automated capture and interpretation into manageable financial data (e.g., category, recipient, gross, net). It seamlessly integrates into existing systems, ensuring not only time and cost savings but also compliance with relevant standards.

AI services in an entire AI portfolio

LHIND offers more than AIaaS. In addition to a wide range of AI tools, the overall AI portfolio also includes comprehensive consulting and the individual development of AI solutions.

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With AI as a Service, companies in all sectors benefit from the numerous different possibilities AI technology brings. Implementation is independent of industry or sector. Customers can use the AI Services simply by paying a monthly fee. LHIND offers companies the following options for implementing AI services within their organization:

  • A quick-start solution for customers who have a specific AI need (e.g. customer feedback analysis), but do not wish to develop their own use cases
  • Easy to implement AI tools and pre-trained models that can be adapted to the company’s requirements
  • LHIND delivers precisely the AIaaS solution the customer needs – from simple applications to complex AI tools

LHIND can also offer the development of customized solutions in the AI as a Service segment. Complex issues often require specific solutions – these must be evaluated in close cooperation with the customer.

  • Identification and development of use cases for our clients with concrete recommendations for the development and implementation of AI applications
  • Development of a specific AI tool tailored to customer requirements
  • Integration, test phase and employee training for the individual AI solutions

AI consulting is an essential part of our portfolio of services. Our clients are advised in tandem with the respective industry and technology experts.

  • Advice on the development and implementation of data strategies and evaluation of individual AI potentials
  • Support from industry and technology experts
  • Identification of AI potentials and evaluation of AI ideas

Which business sectors benefit from our AI Services?

The flexible and scalable LHIND AI Services software models can be used in almost all industries. Functional departments with high data volumes obtain the most benefits:

CustomerFeedbackAI allows employee feedback to be evaluated and processed completely automatically. As a result, internal processes are optimized much faster. In addition, the Video Analysis Service can also use video and image material to continuously improve quality control.

Thanks to CustomerFeedbackAI, contact inquiries are routed immediately to the correct contact person in the right department without any important information being lost. This results in inquiries being answered faster and in more detail, and the transparency of the process being more visible.

CashOfficeAI revolutionizes accounting in a sustainable manner. The AI-based software creates highly accurate posting proposals, which result in significant time savings. Manually assigning receipts now only forms part of the workflow in exceptional cases.

With the forecasting accuracy tool, online shops, for example, can make automated price predictions for a wide range of products from the range and act proactively. The AI thus ensures optimized prices depending on demand and can thus demonstrably increase the conversion rate.

Why use LHIND as your partner for AI solutions?

Lufthansa Industry Solutions has made it its mission to bring artificial intelligence closer to companies and make it more understandable for them. With AI as a Service, specific consulting and efficient implementation, as many companies as possible should benefit from applying artificial intelligence to their business processes. Thanks to our many years of experience in digitalization and our wide-ranging expertise, we offer our customers the ability to customize and expand their data strategy and processes. Our AI services are a great asset, especially for companies that have not yet explored the topic of AI in great detail.

Would you like to learn more about AI as a Service and find out which process automations would fit your company’s needs? We would be happy to provide guidance on the appropriate AI tools for you.


Advantages of AI Services and of LHIND as a partner

  • AI applications ready for immediate use
  • Cost transparency
  • Access to external expertise
  • Internal departments are freed up
  • No expenditure for implementation and technical support
  • Sustainable increase in efficiency
  • Increased competitiveness

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