Successfully managing new energy systems with big data

The digital transformation demands concrete action from the energy industry. This is because the expansion of renewable energies and accompanying volatility will lead to intelligent data and energy networks. This process can only be managed cost efficiently with the help of IT.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions was recognized as a relevant player in the digital factory in the three use case clusters “Predictive Analytics & Maintenance”, “Traceability” and “Asset & Plant Performance Monitoring” by teknowlogy. According to teknowlogy, the leading independent European market analysis and consulting company for the IT industry, LHIND has proven to be able to address all related use cases in these categories.

More about awarded relevant Digital Factory Player

Within the scope of the digitization of the energy transition, legislators are demanding that energy providers and network operators expand and strengthen their networks and install smart meters. From 2017 onward, millions of new intelligent measuring systems will be gradually rolled out for consumers and decentralized producers. This will create gigantic volumes of data that will need to be made available and monitored securely in mass processing chains, e.g., for accounting, network control and systems management.

With the help of big data technology and analytic methodical competence, energy providers and network operators can gain new knowledge from real-time data, network sensors and geodata. This will put them in a position to optimize forecasts and introduce measures to reduce costs. In addition to this, the sales departments of energy companies will be able to jointly analyze customer and socio-demographic data on the basis of data analytics. The results of these customer value analyses can then be used by sales departments to provide customers with customized services or new digital customer interfaces and thus to improve customer retention in the long term.

Using modern IT solutions to save on costs

Whether in intelligent measuring systems, in the intelligent network or in sales: There is a diverse range of fields of application for big data in the energy industry. New technology is making constant contributions to the reduction of costs and the optimization of customer service. As a full-service provider, Lufthansa Industry Solutions assists companies in the energy industry during their search for IT solutions that they can use to master the challenges posed by digital transformation while saving on costs. 

Our performance portfolio includes process and IT consulting for sales, networks, market communication and metering processes. Combined with our industry and process expertise, we provide solutions with the highest level of security in the field of big data analytics, which energy providers and network operators can use to successfully manage increased volumes of data in liberalized energy markets.