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Windpulse®: Maintenance software for the smart maintenance of renewable energy facilities

The maintenance of wind energy facilities is becoming ever more complex – not least due to the increasing requirements in terms of quality and safety, along with the obligation to produce supporting documentation. In addition to this, more and more facilities are being brought on stream, while the number of associated components is also growing. Without a digital solution, it is considerably more difficult to meet the requirements for supporting documentation that is involved in the operation of the facilities, and to efficiently manage all of these facilities. Windpulse®, the maintenance software by Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND), simplifies the maintenance of facilities for companies, while also helping them to ensure failure-free operation.

Windpulse - Maintenance software for plant maintenance in the field of renewable energies

Windpulse® by LHIND is a central solution platform that pools expertise from engineering, production and IT for renewable energy facilities.

It comprises two core components and can be configured as a modular system to meet the individual requirements of customers:

In the central portal, all facilities are managed, reports from the service and maintenance field crews are collated in real time, and tasks are assigned. AI-assisted analysis and damage assessment can be added as an option to support the management of all facilities. User-friendly dashboards provide a clear overview and help to simplify the work. Based on the incoming damage reports, any necessary repairs can immediately be commissioned and monitored.

The mobile solution for iOS devices includes all of the required documents for the maintenance and service processes. It provides on-site certification and service teams with up-to-date digital information around the clock. At the same time, it facilitates work and data collection in the field through the use of predefined checklists and inspection reports. Documentation photos or videos can be added to these directly with a single click, and they can then be forwarded to the central control portal in real time. Listings of faults to be remedied and site information for the facilities create transparency and increase efficiency.

With Windpulse®, maintenance of renewable energy facilities is considerably streamlined and the process quality increases. The integration of new technologies enables efficient, proactive maintenance cycles for all components and component groups.

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The platform network for the maintenance and analysis of facilities that utilize renewable energies.

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Windpulse® bundles expertise from engineering, production and IT

With Windpulse® you get maintenance software for the smart servicing of renewable energy facilities:

  • Execution and documentation of facility inspections or certifications
  • Compilation of damage reports
  • Evaluation and follow-up of defects
  • Analyses and archiving
  • Comprehensive job control and facility management
Windpulse® maintenance software is suitable for use in
  • Wind energy facilities
  • Associated components such as transformer stations, electrical substations etc.
Use of innovative technologies

The Windpulse® functions at a glance

Windpulse® streamlines maintenance and servicing processes in the field and in the office and is the central control system for your renewable energy facilities. Our system features a modular design and can be configured to your own unique requirements, depending on your needs. These functions will help you, your employees and your partners in day-to-day operations:

Inspection and report solutions

A variety of functions will assist you with smart maintenance management, while also streamlining maintenance and servicing processes.

  • Workforce Management: Assigning jobs, coordinating tasks, administering checklists and inspection protocols, and action planning
  • Field Management: Assisted inspections, electronic documentation and reports with photo and video integration capability
  • Service and inspection reports: In real time with localization function and optional sharing and collaborative editing
  • Follow-up: Defect tracking and rectification with automated follow-up tracking
  • Standard templates based on a modular concept: Reports and checklists are stored in the system as templates and, depending on the type of inspection, can be individually configured – thus simplifying the administration process for the inspection
  • Interactive, clearly laid-out reports: With easy-to-grasp illustrations in diagrams and table views, selection and configuration options

Portfolio & performance management

In Windpulse®, all relevant information on facilities, statuses, key figures and appointments are consolidated in one place and are available at glance.

  • Contract management: Audit-proof administration of documents, facilities and contracts
  • Asset management: Individually record and administer facility master data
  • Facility administration: Real data is processed in the cloud and clearly represented in the cockpit in the form of KPIs
  • Manufacturer data import: Direct import of all important facility information from the manufacturers via an interface to ERP systems
  • Configuration management: Real data (e.g. from SCADA, CMS data) is used as the basis for deciding on corrective action, e.g. for repair requirements
  • Localization technology: For the localization of facilities, assets and devices
  • Operational optimization: Data analysis to enable time and cost savings
  • Certifications: Certificates and other documentation are administered and archived in the system in a user-friendly way

Real-time analysis & AI solution (optional)

The real-time analysis of reports, defects, breakdowns and error messages using artificial intelligence allows solutions for the failure-free operation of your facilities to be found more quickly.

  • Real-time error analysis: Errors or defects that are already being signaled on the basis of specific measurement parameters are detected in good time with the aid of AI and predictive analytics
  • AI-based damage assessment: Detection and classification of errors, including on the basis of photos and video material
  • Specific image segmentation: Segmented representation of anomalies in facility components on separate photos in various resolutions
  • Dynamic 3D model: AI converts image data to model data. This produces a detailed 3D model for any given simulation

Further functionalities (optional)

Optional features make it easier for you to implement your personal maintenance strategy.

  • Feed-in management evaluation and optimization: In case of an overload in the electricity network, the feed-in can be curtailed in order to protect the network
  • Integration of 3D damage models
  • Evaluation of operating times for further operation
  • Integration of drone data: To complement the inspection results

Benefit from the numerous advantages of Windpulse®

Windpulse® is a central control portal for your renewable energy facilities that streamlines processes and allows for easier collaboration.

Advantages of Windpulse®

  • Round-the-clock overview of all facilities, inspection reports, upcoming checks, as well as assignment of inspectors
  • Simple and intuitive to use both in the field and in the office
  • Enables parallel working on documents and reports, sharing with colleagues or customers, and the mobile app can also be used offline
  • Increased efficiency and cost reduction through streamlined maintenance processes
  • Increased report quality through standardization and guided processes, as well as photo and video documentation
  • Reduction of time required for both preparation and follow-up for service and inspection assignments
  • Audit-proof documentation and archiving
Technical aspects
  • Quick and easy IT implementation via software-as-a-service (SaaS) model
  • Transparent and flexible licensing structures
  • Easy to use and operate on site via native iOS app
  • Data transfer/synchronization in real time
  • High uptime and adherence to the highest safety standards thanks to hosting in MS Azure Cloud
Streamline your maintenance processes with Windpulse® – the smart maintenance management system:
  • Mobile
  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • In real time
  • User-friendly
  • Interactive
  • High-quality
  • Offline-enabled
  • Parallel working

Who can benefit from Windpulse®?

Windpulse® brings together various people involved in the field of renewable energies, be it in operations, manufacturing, certification, maintenance etc., and offers them a central infrastructure where they can collaborate easily and efficiently. For example:

Windpulse® can help manufacturers to easily and securely provide facility-related technical data via an ERP interface to operators, certifiers etc., which they can then integrate into their processes. Access authorizations can be accessed easily in one central location in Windpulse® and can be incorporated into your processes.

Our Windpulse® system helps plant managers with maintenance coordination, remote monitoring, and the regular checking and inspection of their technical facilities in the field of renewable energies.

Windpulse® enables the central, user-friendly, and audit-proof control and administration of all of the tasks involved in the safe and successful operation of your facilities.

Windpulse® provides individual service and inspection reports to help certifiers with the preparation, execution and follow-up of maintenance events. The reports and checklists are revised by the staff on site, uploaded to the system, and can then be revised with other participants or made available to the facility operators, for example.

Operators benefit from Windpulse® through the pooling of all key technical and economic figures needed for the evaluation of their renewable energy assets. In addition to this, the system pools manufacturer, inspection and facility data, enables analysis, the tracking of assignments, and much more.

Windpulse® helps service providers with the planning, execution and follow-up of facility inspections and maintenance events through priority and action planning, as well as user-friendly checklists and report templates. The documents can be revised in parallel, shared, archived centrally in the system, analyzed and resulting follow-up activities initiated.

Windpulse® by LHIND: Smart maintenance management in a single package

Windpulse®, the software for servicing and maintenance, is the smart maintenance solution for your renewable energy facilities and all of their associated components. The consolidation of all relevant data allows you to pool all of your know-how in a single solution platform.

We provide you with the perfect IT solution for the maintenance of your facilities, the analysis of your data and your audit-proof documentation, and show you how to streamline your maintenance processes with the help of our maintenance software to improve your efficiency.


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