Project management

Whether logistics, industry or the automotive sector: In the face of increasing pressure to digitize, it is becoming more and more crucial for companies across industries to implement new and often closely consecutive IT projects. Important keys for success are error-free planning and supervision, and timely implementation according to the budget provided.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ Project Management Excellence (PMX) business division supports companies from a wide range of different industries during all of their IT projects – from the installation of standardized software solutions to the conceptualization of complex IT architectures and the supervision of outsourcing projects. Companies thus ensure that they achieve the quality and project goals they set themselves, which gives their staff time to go back to taking care of core operational business.

Agile project management: reaching the goal faster and more efficiently

The best way for many companies to face up to the pressure to innovate being exerted by digitalization is to put their trust in agile project management when it comes to product development.
Utilizing agile project management

Project management a key to success

The successful management of complex IT projects: This is where the Project Management Excellence division supports companies.
Information about Project Management Excellence
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Lufthansa Group outsources its IT infrastructure

Outsourcing IT infrastructure during ongoing operations requires seamless workflows. Lufthansa Industry Solutions is helping the Lufthansa Group to achieve just this.
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Erfahren Sie mehr über agile Software-Entwicklung in der Automotive-Branche

Using agile methods to become more competitive

Agile methods help the automotive industry to avoid long development processes and reduce the time-to-market for new products.
Utilizing agile methods
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Change process at BAS

In order to successfully position itself in the long term and to improve its customer service, BAS has launched a company-wide process of change.
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A centralized IT system for the new world of logistics

The development of a new, globally integrated IT system is helping the Hamburg Süd Group standardize its range of products and processes.
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Mobility of the future: Reporting connected car projects right

A major automotive group standardized and streamlined reporting for connected car development projects in order to launch services more quickly.
Reporting control function
Stephan Puls - Geschäftsfeldleiter Media bei LHIND

“Cutting costs through more efficient processes”

Every day, Stephan Puls works with media companies to optimize their processes. In an interview, the process consultant talks about the opportunities in publishing.
Optimum processes at media companies
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Mydea: turning staff ideas into innovations

You can discover the business models of tomorrow a lot more easily if you manage ideas and innovations together with your staff.
Using Mydea to find new ideas
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Real-time reporting powered by a new SAP HANA database

In order to increase reaction speeds in its international overhaul business, Lufthansa Technik is now using the unified system platform SAP HANA.
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