The quick and easy editing of documents is becoming increasingly important in the work of aviation operations specialists. But complex manuals and mounting documentation requirements are complicating these processes.

Airlines can use the efficient content management system Electronic Flight Operation Manuals (EFOM) by Lufthansa Industry Solutions to optimize their technical documentation for flight operations and ground operations. For example, it can be used to integrate new documents at any time, regardless of their format or manufacturer systems. EFOM can also be used to conduct audits much more efficiently as an integrated business process.

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Operations manuals with EFOM: time-saving documentation

Airlines are optimizing their technical documentation for flight and ground crews with EFOM (Electronic Flight Operations Manuals).
Operations Manuals with EFOM

Wind turbine maintenance 4.0

The complexity of maintenance processes is increasing due to growing demands on quality and safety and mounting documentation requirements. New technologies are simplifying the maintenance of wind farms.
Four fields of application

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