Integrated Flight Folder (iFF) for Pilots

A digital flight briefing solution that consolidates relevant flight data for the easier processing of flight operations

The digitalization of information and processes leads to an increase in data complexity. This also applies to the flight crew in the cockpit, as up-to-date and reliable briefing data is key for flights to operate smoothly.

The demands on flight safety are high – a flight briefing for long-haul flights, for example, can quickly run to up to 60 pages. While the airlines are faced with the challenge of consolidating accurate and up-to-date data from different sources for each flight, in accordance with ARINC standards, and delivering this information to the cockpit crew in good time, handling extensive paper briefings is a particularly time-consuming task for pilots, who often have to locate specific information by painstakingly scrolling though or marking it by hand, sometimes under time pressure or with poor lighting in the cockpit.

iFF is a digital briefing application for optimized time and quality management across all flight phases

A paperless cockpit with the Electronic Flight Folder

Electronic Flight Folders (EFF) are increasingly replacing the extensive paper briefing packages. All relevant flight data is consolidated and made available digitally on a terminal located directly in the cockpit – this ensures that the information is up-to-date, makes it easier for the cockpit crew to handle the flight data and reduces the likelihood of errors occurring.

With the integrated Flight Folder (iFF), LHIND offers an electronic briefing application for iOS devices that can either be integrated into an existing EFF system or used as a standalone solution. Unlike many pre-installed EFFs, our digital briefing application is fully customizable to each airline’s requirements – this allows for streamlined processes in the time and safety-critical aviation environment.

Integrated Flight Folder (iFF)
  • Digital consolidation of all flight-relevant information
  • Efficient exchange of information
  • User-friendly interface with clear visualization of all data
  • Digital archiving of briefing packages
  • Native iOS application
  • Modular system structure, entirely adaptable to client requirements

Digital briefing before and during all flight phases

The iFF solution covers all flight phases, from receiving flight plan information, to managing and recording in-flight data and uploading the mission log.

Who should be considering an iFF?
  • Pilots in the aviation sector

The cockpit crew receives all flight-relevant information, reviews and approves the operational flight plan, aircraft status and weather, and receives additional corporate information.

  • Check-In – Pilots access the flight data package by selecting the flight number and load it onto the device at the click of a mouse.
  • Briefing – Before departure, the iFF software guides the pilots through all process stages, providing them with software support and clearly displaying relevant information at a glance. The marking function allows them to highlight data and add their own notes. The briefing can be customized for each airline and contains, for example, information such as:
    • Aircraft technical status
    • Aircraft performance pre-testing
    • Weather charts
    • Maps
    • Route plans and information
    • Airports
    • NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen)
    • Additional airline or flight-specific information
  • Fuel Procurement – pilots use the iFF to order fuel for the respective flight and taxiway.
  • OFP Approval – the Pilot in Command (PIC) uses the iFF to examine and approve the Operative Flight Plan (OFP).

The cockpit crew uses the application based on the briefing package loaded previously to check and update waypoint and fuel information continuously.

  • Rerouting – Aircraft operators document direct reroutes and waypoint adjustments in the iFF.
  • Document Approval – Documents relevant to the flight are compiled and approved using the iFF.
  • NAT-Crossing – Documentation of North Atlantic Flights (NAT) and other special documentation.
  • En Route Airports – Pilots can check weather data and airport availability along the flight path.
  • Clear and Easy Data Access – Relevant flight information is presented and visualized in the iFF in a pilot-friendly way. This increases situational awareness during the flight.

The cockpit crew completes the documentation with all necessary entries. In addition, pilots can supplement the documentation with their own information and, for example, log any irregularities or anomalies. Finally, the briefing package is uploaded to the airline’s back-office systems for archiving.

  • Remaining Fuel – Aircraft operators indicate the amount of remaining fuel.
  • Confirmation of Flight Information – The pilot uses the iFF to confirm the amount of fuel remaining, the destination airport and the actual landing time, as well as any additional information. They can also use it to document special circumstances.
  • Flight Recap – Aircraft operators can match the original flight information (target data) with the actual flight information and analyze it.
  • Upload Briefing Package – Upload the completed briefing package to the back-office system for archiving and flight data analysis.
  • Ongoing Optimization – Archived flight data can be used in the back office to evaluate and optimize briefing processes.

A solution for all flight-relevant data at the touch of a button

The iFF digital briefing application guides the cockpit crew throughout the flight, thus improving situational awareness. All flight-relevant information is visualized on the pilot-friendly interface, making it easy to retrieve, highlight or add important data quickly.


Optimized electronic flight briefing

The iFF solution provides all flight-relevant data in compliance with ARINC standards. The application can be integrated into existing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and can be used on all iOS devices as an independent flight briefing solution. Thanks to its modular architecture, iFF can be adapted to the individual requirements of each airline, supporting safe, efficient flight operations and seamless documentation in doing so.

Improved exchanges with dispatchers

Using a paper briefing package, final adjustments shortly before departure often mean a flight delay, as the updated information has to be printed out and brought to the cockpit. The iFF solution optimizes the transfer of information and data between flight dispatchers and cockpit crew. Current flight data is uploaded to the pilots’ and co-pilots’ devices via the briefing application, and adjustments and additions can be made right up until takeoff. For their part, the pilots make entries during the flight and immediately after landing, so that the entire digital briefing is made available to the back office immediately for evaluation.

Highest usability and briefing synchronization levels in the cockpit

The iFF solution was developed by pilots for pilots – the simple and efficient usability tool is specifically tailored to the special requirements of aircraft operators. Moreover, the application enables briefing package synchronization, meaning that, if the devices in the cockpit are connected, pilot and co-pilot can work on identical briefing packages. Changes made during the flight, such as confirming a waypoint, are immediately visible to all users. IFF also minimizes the risk of failure.

Simple management and actualization of flight data

The iFF offers pilots the highest possible level of convenience when working through the briefing package both before flying and during all phases of the flight. They work with current flight information, can selectively retrieve or highlight it during the flight using the search function, and can add their own information. After landing, the aircraft operators can make their entries and complete the flight briefing electronically. This not only facilitates archiving, but also the evaluation of flight briefings for the purposes of flight process optimization.

iFF – technical details
  • Integration of the newest iOS functions
  • Data transfer pursuant to ARINC-633-2
  • Secure data interfaces
  • Modular software
  • Adaptable cloud and device synchronization
Flight briefing with a focus on user friendliness
  • Structured briefing dashboard
  • Portrait or landscape format
  • Smart night mode
  • Customizable user interface
  • In-flight input of flight information
  • Live synchronization in the cockpit via Wifi, Bluetooth, Utas Tim
  • Data import/export via integrated OS protocols
  • Use in offline mode possible

Integrated Flight Folder – advantages for pilots and airlines

The iFF solution supports sustainable and safe processes in flight operations by facilitating the exchange of information between flight dispatchers and cockpit crew, and by improving the situational awareness of pilots.

  • Printing and paper costs avoided
  • Reduced handling effort due to digital data transfer
  • Optimized processes for data entry, transfer and archiving
  • Quick access to important flight procedures and performance data
  • Simple handling thanks to intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Automated briefing handover
  • No delays due to missing briefing documents
  • Automated archiving
  • Current data
  • Optimized flight planning through information feedback
  • Interactive content
  • Maps and weather reports directly on the display
  • Simplified evaluation of completed flight briefings
  • Increased flight safety by means of automatic cross-checks
  • Ability to update key metrics such as fuel consumption in-flight
  • Live synchronization of interconnected terminals
  • Improved situational awareness for pilots
  • Developed by pilots for pilots
  • Intuitive interface
  • Clear content visualization
  • Application easily adaptable to customer requirements
  • Developed in close collaboration with cockpit crews
  • LHIND’s longstanding experience with flight briefing solutions
  • Three years’ successful use for Lufthansa Cargo

Why choose LHIND and our solution?

The iFF solution focuses on the simple, visual provision of data to make the handling of daily flight operations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Thanks to its modular architecture, the application can be individually adapted to airline-specific requirements and provides access to all flight-relevant data at the push of a button. LHIND’s combined expertise in flight operations applications and close cooperation with cockpit crews have resulted in the development of a digital flight briefing solution that meets the needs of pilots perfectly.

As a company within the Lufthansa Group, LHIND has many years of experience with the airline industry’s multiple digitalization topics and requirements, and has already successfully developed and implemented a variety of solutions in this sector. We also provide intensive support for areas such as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) with consulting services and IT solutions tailored to the customer's individual requirements.

Learn more about digital solutions for the aviation industry

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