Operations manuals with EFOM: time-saving documentation

Flight operations manuals and ground operations manuals for the aviation industry are becoming more and more complex. The EFOM content management system helps operations specialists to deal with these documents simply and quickly. It also means that audits can be conducted much more efficiently as an integrated business process.

There are high demands on flight and ground operations in the aviation industry, and the manuals and documentation of work processes required are correspondingly extensive. Furthermore, flight operations are subject to a number of audits by the German Federal Aviation Office and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) – for example, the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). These audits require carriers to document certain formalities. This documentation process can barely be carried out manually by staff anymore without creating staff shortages in other areas. For example, a small airline needs at least three members of staff to devote two weeks exclusively to the IOSA – an enormous commitment of time and resources – for just one comprehensive IOSA. 

Optimizing processes and working more efficiently with EFOM

With the functionally sophisticated content management system EFOM (Electronic Flight Operations Manuals), an airline can conduct an audit within the space of an hour. This is because change reference management enables operations manuals and regulatory documents to be linked dynamically. This means that all of the documentation required for an audit can be generated out of EFOM in an Excel or PDF report, so that airlines can carry out the reports required very quickly and optimize the process effectively. 

EFOM makes day-to-day activities in the area of flight and ground operations more simple. Alongside the import of manufacturer data on an XML basis, an airline’s internal documentation can also be recorded and processed within the system. Because there is an XML separation of content and layout, users can work on content regardless of the publication format. A range of different output formats can be generated using one and the same source, which enables real single-source publishing. EFOM is thus open to the output formats of the present and future.

Comprehensive metadata management makes it possible to log necessary information about certain aircraft variations in the system. These freely definable variants can be used to filter publication results or as a filter on the devices being used.

EFOM is:

  • Open to the integration of new documents regardless of their format.
  • Independent of manufacturer systems (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer).
  • Open-ended in line with customer requests. 
  • Optimized to support business processes.

Optimized for the integration of business processes

EFOM is prepared for a diverse range of output formats and publishes documents for information management devices such as the electronic flight bag. As one of the components of the DocManage suite by Lufthansa Industry Solutions, EFOM is ideal for displaying documents on smartphones and tablets using the DocSurf Mobile document viewer.

Efficient content management with Electronic Flight Operations Manuals (EFOM)

Many airlines are already using the proven EFOM content management system to optimize their operations manual processes, including airlines in the Lufthansa Group such as Lufthansa, Eurowings, Swiss International Air Lines and Brussels Airlines.