More efficient airplane maintenance: the DocManage product suite

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a matter of generating work assignments more efficiently or having manuals on hand at all times: MRO operations can carry out their maintenance processes more efficiently and cut costs using new IT solutions – for example, with the DocManage product suite by Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

From the engine room to the cargo hold to the cockpit: If an airplane needs maintenance, more than 10,000 work steps can quickly line up for an aircraft mechanic. The aircraft mechanic doesn’t just have to work through these steps, but also has to meticulously tick and sign them off using printed work assignments. This is the only way to make sure that it is always possible to review who maintained which part of an airplane when.

It is becoming more and more complex for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations to generate these work assignments. One reason for this is mounting documentation requirements due to new security regulations and statutory provisions. Moreover, aircraft manufacturers modify manufacturer instructions at least once every quarter, which means that MRO operations have to continuously adjust their maintenance instructions – to make sure that the company-specific processes of the MRO operations are in line with those of the manufacturer too.

Making it easier to generate and work with MRO work assignments 

Using the DocManage product suite developed by Lufthansa Industry Solutions, MRO operations can generate work assignments more easily while cutting costs. The DocCreate work assignment system automates the generation, editing and publication of assignments, streamlining processes as a result. By connecting maintenance plans to MRO operations’ ERP systems, such as SAP MRO, engineers can easily edit assignments and check if maintenance has been carried out.

The system connects an MRO operation’s processes with those of the manufacturer and updates documents where needed as soon as new manufacturer instructions are available. This means that engineers and maintenance technicians are always working with the most up-to-date revisions. DocCreate supports MRO-specific documentation standards and a wide range of input formats. This makes the engineer’s work even easier, as different sources and data can be easily summarized in one work assignment.

In addition to this, work assignment content can be printed on any number of templates – including those of the MRO operation in question. Work assignment content is then only generated once per fleet. If one airplane in a fleet has structural peculiarities, the system automatically filters out the relevant variant for printing.

Reading manuals that are always up to date

In addition to DocCreate, MRO operations can use DocSurf Mobile to provide access to work assignment content or manufacturer instructions on the go. With the Library Viewer, MRO specialists always have their manuals available on their smartphones or tablets. Thanks to intelligent search and filter functions, users are able to find the relevant information quickly and easily. DocSurf Mobile can also be flexibly integrated into IT infrastructures and is compatible with SAP.