DocSurf Mobile: a smart library viewer for on the go

Having the relevant information available at the right time is a deciding factor in the day-to-day activities of FlightOps, GroundOps and MRO. With DocSurf Mobile, you always have your own up-to-date personal library for operations and maintenance manuals available on your smartphone or tablet.

Flight crews, ground staff and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) operations are increasingly carrying out time-critical tasks and working with technical systems that are becoming more and more complex. Having the relevant information available at the right time is a deciding factor in everyday operations. It’s not always possible to make the journey to the desktop computer or it takes up valuable time. Carrying around printed handbooks is of little benefit in light of ever-changing content. One remedy is a mobile solution for up-to-date, customized technical documentation.

Reading operation manuals that are always up to date while on the go

With DocSurf Mobile, users from FlightOps, GroundOps and MRO can access the manuals they need anytime, anywhere and on all kinds of computers, from classic desktops to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This application supports all of the usual formats such as SGML, XML and PDF as well as the most important documentation standards, and organizes documents clearly on a central platform. Thanks to intelligent search and filter functions, users are able to find relevant information quickly and easily. The library viewer continuously updates documents in the background so that the newest content is always available. The user registers changes to documents quickly and easily and can then get to grips with the corrected versions of the documents.

Flexible use in Windows, iOS and Android

DocSurf Mobile can be flexibly integrated into existing infrastructures. This app runs as an independent application or as an electronic flight bag (EFB) solution and works together with SAP. One app variant is available for all of the usual operating systems, Windows, iOS and Android. The DocSurf Mobile interface has been optimized to fit different screens and can be used intuitively. Favorites and notes let you keep an overview of the library in spite of revisions and changing devices.

Users who deploy DocSurf Mobile together with other components of the DocManage suite by Lufthansa Industry Solutions profit from extended functions. MRO operations can generate, edit and publish work assignments using DocCreate. FlightOps can use the EFOM content management system to upload operations manuals.

Product data sheet DocSurf Mobile

Please download the product data sheet here.