Technology Consulting

More efficient working processes, more informed decisions and new business models: To get results like these, companies need to tackle the digital transformation. They need flexible, high-performance systems with real-time capabilities to connect companies, customers and suppliers the way the market demands. The use of new technologies is essential to achieving this goal. On account of the diversity and dynamic development of technologies, companies need to adapt them to their needs.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ technology consulting services are there to support them in this task by providing the following services:

  • Evaluation, selection and implementation of new digitalization technologies for development and operation
  • Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 consultancy; IoT Lab
  • IT security consultancy
  • Smart data analytics, artificial intelligence, voice control (projects and Data Insight Lab)
  • Development, transformation and operation of cloud solutions and cloud consultancy
  • Implementation of mobile solutions and social business collaboration
  • Enterprise architecture optimization (EAO) and infrastructure consultancy
  • IT project consultancy and management
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Blockchain makes trust digital

There are many possible uses for blockchain. Dr. Carsten Böhle explains why companies should now develop entirely new processes to seize the potential of this technology.
The potential of blockchain
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Seize the potential of cloud computing and save money

Cloud computing is one of the most important basic technologies in the digital transformation. It promises a high degree of flexibility, easy scalability and lower costs.
More competitive thanks to cloud services
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Digital Lab: a think tank for digital solutions

If companies want to tackle issues such as big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things or mobile solutions head on, they need room to experiment – like in the Digital Lab.
More on room to experiment
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Language processing: applications

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to operate devices using voice commands. Computers that are capable of understanding written language have the potential to make work processes far more efficient.
Seize the potential of language processing
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EAO: Make new business models a reality with agile IT

Companies need modern IT to master the digital transformation. Enterprise architecture optimization (EAO) helps them get there.
Modernizing corporate IT
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A digitalization strategy – in three steps

The strategy is the foundation for digitalization and shows companies the business models that could spell success for them in the future.
Develop a digitalization strategy
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Our training courses

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is there to prepare you and your employees for digitalization. Lufthansa Industry Solutions offers targeted training courses with workshop elements on topics such as RapidMiner, Hadoop, DevOps – Continuous Delivery and Deployment, Industry 4.0/Internet of Things or Blockchain. The events provide a high level of practical, real-world relevance, and the content of the courses can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.
An overview of our training courses
Dr. Lars Schwabe, Leiter des Data Insight Labs

Becoming a smart enterprise with big data

Organizing and establishing data science and machine learning within the company: evolution instead of revolution?
To the specialist article by Dr. Lars Schwabe
Erfahren Sie in der Studie "Digitalisieren Sie schon?" mehr über die digitale Transformation in Unternehmen

Study: Already digitalizing? A benchmark for the digital agenda

German companies need to advance with the digital transformation more quickly. This was the finding of a recent study on the digital maturity of leading industries.
Learn more about the study on digital maturity

Energy in flux: using big data to stabilize the power supply

Feeding renewable power into the grid can lead to fluctuations in load flows. Big-data technology is helping the transmission network operator 50Hertz to better understand these correlations and sound out savings potentials.
To the case story
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