A collaboration platform for idea- and innovationmanagement:

New business models are frequently the result of consistent idea and innovation management. If companies want to develop new approaches, they need to utilize the creative potential of their own staff members and systematically include them in the development, selection and implementation of new projects.

Companies can use Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ application Mydea to include their entire workforce in the management of ideas and innovations in a way that creates sustainable value. Staff members can use the platform to submit or discuss proposals and take part in deciding what projects should be implemented in which way. This makes it easier to create a sustainable culture of innovation and paves the way for securing valuable competitive advantages.

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Mydea: turning staff ideas into innovations

You can discover the business models of tomorrow a lot more easily if you manage ideas and innovations together with your staff.
Using Mydea to find new ideas

UX and UI design: focus on user needs

User-friendly UX and UI design supports companies in working more efficiently and more profitably. Lufthansa Industry Solutions focuses on users throughout the design process.
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