Mydea: digital collaboration platform for successful idea and innovation management

New business models are often the result of successful idea and innovation management. But what does that entail? Above all, transparent processes – from the first flash of inspiration to the completed project. And direct coordination and approval, along with inspiring opportunities for collaboration across all channels. The Mydea software from Lufthansa Industry Solutions allows companies to achieve all that with a single platform.

Mydea - A collaboration platform for idea- and innovationmanagement

Digital and mobile business models create competition and are turning many established markets on their heads. Sustainable innovations are the driving force behind every company. But important new approaches and ideas are rarely a product of chance, and do not become great successes on their own. They require smart innovation and idea management to give them the room they need to grow, and to allow for efficient implementation. The fact that a company’s own staff, customers and partners often have the best ideas is often underestimated. That stands to reason, because they are close to the action and have an intimate knowledge of the market’s requirements.

But how can companies effectively harness that innovative potential and systematically incorporate valuable ideas into the development, selection and implementation of innovative projects? Very simply: with an intuitive application that is available to all employees and partners and is seamlessly integrated into their existing IT infrastructure.

Mydea – a successful collaboration platform

Open collaboration unleashes unbelievable innovative forces and produces incredible ideas. But what happens next? Identifying and approving ideas worthy of follow-up is often a long and laborious process. It is shaped by a lack of transparency and the time-consuming involvement of specialists and managers. But that does not have to be the case. That is why we created Mydea, a platform that lets everyone get involved, help make decisions and turn ideas into innovations. Because every idea counts.

A platform for smart idea and innovation management for the digital age

The Mydea collaboration software from Lufthansa Industry Solutions digitalizes the entire innovation process, speeding it up and making it transparent. The innovation platform keeps staff, customers and partners involved throughout the idea and innovation management process – from the generation and development of ideas to decisions and implementation. Whether ideas for innovative products, services, internal improvements or new business models: the collaboration platform makes sustainable innovations far easier to manage. The software also allows companies to react rapidly to trends by promoting the generation of ideas with appropriate thematically focused campaigns. Mydea is a fantastic way to unleash the potential of employees for the benefit of the company.

The smart collaboration platform utilizes crowdfunding mechanisms in the idea generation process to identify the most valuable ideas. Users (the crowd) evaluate and support projects with virtual currency. Integrated game mechanisms, such as rankings, levels, badges and points, further motivate users and increase participation throughout the Mydea process. The major advantage is that the entire process – from the submission of ideas to the conclusion of projects – is transparent for everyone involved, and employees are also engaged. This brings innovation management to life, and increases its visibility. The resulting sustainable culture of innovation allows the company to secure valuable competitive advantages.

The advantages of Mydea at a glance:
  • Digital collaboration platform that promotes a sustainable culture of innovation
  • Transparent processes throughout the innovation process
  • Gamification and crowdfunding increase motivation and engagement
  • SaaS solution for Microsoft SharePoint with easy integration into the Office365 architecture
  • Flexible, modular principle with simple extension options, e.g. Microsoft Teams
  • Suitable for mobile use thanks to responsive design

Mydea: A collaborative process for successful idea management

Everyone can use Mydea to share their ideas, opinions and knowledge via a central platform. Ideas can be formulated, viewed and discussed by the crowd, which is made up of staff, partners and customers. Collaborative idea development helps transform inspiration into valuable innovation projects. The crowd is responsible for evaluating and selecting ideas. All authorized Mydea users evaluate suggestions by means of crowdfunding, allowing them to decide which ideas are implemented as projects. Then, teams take on the collaborative conception of projects. Management is responsible for making strategic calls on ideas and projects. Transparent design and the inclusion of all employees promote the development of a culture of innovation at the company. Mydea not only helps companies generate more ideas, it also assists in systematically turning those ideas into innovations. The active involvement of the crowd allows everybody to participate in shaping the future of the company.

Collaboration tool creates incentives through gamification and challenges

The Mydea collaboration software uses a gamification approach throughout the entire process. Integrated game mechanisms such as rankings, levels, badges and points increase users’ motivation and drive participation. Processes driven by group dynamics, including competition within the group and the natural instinct to play, ensure that employees become actively involved. A share in the returns from a project also provides an incentive.

What’s more, management has the ability to define themes – so called challenges – spurring the crowd to action. That helps steer the innovation process towards certain goals, which is particularly helpful when, for example, ideas are needed to tackle a specific problem faced by the business.

State-of-the-art idea management: Mydea’s flexible architecture adapts to workflows

Mydea adapts to fit a company’s existing IT structures. The collaboration tool can be implemented using Microsoft’s Office365 suite (SharePoint Online) cloud platform. Expansions that add Office products such as Microsoft Teams and interfaces to third-party systems can be realized thanks to Mydea’s modular architecture.

In both cases, Mydea’s design allows it to be flexibly integrated into a range of Microsoft Office applications. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Lufthansa Industry Solutions offers implementation of Mydea and its integration into the Microsoft environment from a single source. Whether from a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone – Mydea’s full range of functions is accessible from all commonly used browsers and end-user devices.

Mydea: collaboration plattform for innovation management

Mydea: view idea

Mydea: submit idea

Mydea: pipeline of ideas

Mydea: user profile with gamification elements

Mydea: reporting on tablet