A product suite for wind farm maintenance:

The maintenance of wind farms is becoming increasingly complex, which also has to do with growing demands on quality, safety and documentation. However, the utilization of new technologies can simplify maintenance and help ensure smooth operations. Operations managers can harness this potential in order to endure within a competitive market or to strengthen their market position.

Windpulse by Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a module that makes the work of the maintenance technician significantly easier. This mobile solution pools all of the documents necessary for maintenance and provides on-site service teams with the most up-to-date electronic information around the clock. Inspections can also be documented directly using a tablet or a smartphone. This significantly streamlines wind farm maintenance and improves process quality.

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Windpulse: Streamlined maintenance processes for wind farms

Operations managers should put their trust in cloud and mobile solutions to meet the increasing maintenance demands of wind farms.
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Wind turbine maintenance 4.0

The complexity of maintenance processes is increasing due to growing demands on quality and safety and mounting documentation requirements. New technologies are simplifying the maintenance of wind farms.
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