AdvancedCustoms: toll by toll towards a successful cargo business

Logistics companies are increasingly finding themselves moving digital information as well as air cargo. In the U.S., Canada and Mexico, all air cargo information must be submitted to customs electronically. Air cargo carriers can use CusLink, CanCus or MexCus to submit this information efficiently and on time while complying with customs regulations.

In the age of Logistics 4.0, air cargo carriers are not just moving goods, but increasingly digital information too. In some importing countries, cargo information must be submitted to customs electronically while meticulously complying with customs regulations. Logistics companies need custom-made software solutions that carry out customs procedures on time in order to conduct transport business in the United States, Canada and Mexico sustainably and successfully – software that will fulfill customs regulations both now and in future.

Intuitive handling using your browser in the office, in the warehouse or on the loading ramp

CusLink by Lufthansa Industry Solutions has been the preferred specialist software solution for handling air cargo destined for the United States for over 25 years. Versions of this software that have been optimized for clearing customs in Canada and Mexico are now available under the names CanCus and MexCus. These applications can be accessed cross-platform on desktop computers and mobile devices. Users simply enter cargo information using a web interface. This means that the system is available anywhere that it is needed – in the office just as much as in the warehouse or on the loading ramp. This prevents you from making double entries or having to transfer notes from paper to the computer.

Service by the book: updates for cargo information that is always customs compliant

Lufthansa Industry Solutions continues to develop its applications for customs clearance and electronic customs reporting, taking into account the most recent regulations. Our solutions thus help air cargo carriers to avoid unnecessary delays, accelerate their processes cost-efficiently with the help of paperless documentation and provide their customers with first-class service quality. A dozen international airlines have already chosen to use CusLink to submit their air cargo information to U.S. customs. Among them are renowned airlines such as Lufthansa Cargo, Swiss International Air Lines and others.

Product data sheet AdvancedCustoms / CusLink

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