Digital customs clearance

AdvancedCustoms: a software solution for clearing customs in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Digitization is simplifying customs clearance in a number of countries. For this reason, the US, Canada and Mexico, for example, now all require that logistics companies submit their customs information electronically. This means that air cargo handlers now have to make sure that they submit the exact information required in order to clear the goods that they transport while fulfilling all customs regulations at the same time.

Air cargo carriers can do this while complying with customs regulations efficiently and in a timely manner using Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ software solutions CusLink, CanCus and MexCus. Lufthansa Industry Solutions continues to develop its applications for customs clearance and electronic customs reporting and always takes into account the most recent regulations. Air cargo handlers can accelerate their processes cost-efficiently thanks to paperless documentation and provide their customers with first-class service quality.