SAP GTS: conducting foreign trade cost effectively while ensuring compliance

Whether it’s a matter of buying or selling products across national borders: Foreign trade involves a myriad of obligations. Lufthansa Industry Solutions is assisting organizations in their use of the software solution SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), which they can use to conduct processes swiftly, compliantly and cost effectively.

Globalization, international trade agreements and an increasing number of mergers entail numerous opportunities for international trade. At the same time, imports and exports are subject to increasingly strict inspections. In recent years, security regulations worldwide have intensified and there is a growing number of regulatory provisions – for example in the form of the customs code of the European Union, the Community Customs Code (CC).

It is becoming increasingly difficult within this environment for companies to consistently ensure compliance and to reliably avoid committing tax offenses. It is more important than ever for foreign trade managers to conduct their processes swiftly, compliantly and cost efficiently during both the import and export of goods. The key to success is automation. The high-performing software solution SAP GTS, which joins up to a company's ERP system, supports organizations in just this.

Overseeing trade activities in their entirety, accurately and with up to date information

No matter whether you have made a purchase order from a foreign supplier or sales orders are coming in from customers abroad: Companies can master all of the challenges of international business using the application SAP GTS. It automates complex import and export processes and accelerates the customs clearance process for goods. This is because, using this solution, staff are in control of customs clearance – from compliance management to the tariffing of every outward consignment to registration with the appropriate authorities. All data arising from the international movement of goods is stored centrally.

Legal provisions can thus be complied with automatically – even when new regulations come into effect. SAP GTS enters all of the explanatory information required by authorities into customs declarations automatically, so that customs clearances run seamlessly. This does away with time-consuming verifications. Content is always complete and up to date as the software integrates lists from external data providers. Histories of all inspections are archived and serve as documentation for official audits.

Secure competitive advantages in the long term

This all-in-one solution for customs and foreign trade management enables companies to be in full control of their international trade processes at all times, company-wide. SAP GTS is fully integrated within the supply chain and thus optimizes all logistics processes – from customer orders to invoicing and the receipt of goods. Companies can use the solution to create consistent processes, reduce the amount of manual labor and maintenance required, ensure transparency and compliance, and secure competitive advantages.

As a long-standing partner to numerous companies operating internationally from a range of different industries, Lufthansa Industry Solutions has extensive experience in the successful implementation of foreign trade solutions on the basis of SAP GTS. We assist companies during the entire process – from conceptualization and installation to operating the solution.

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