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A multitude of successful use cases in a variety of industries show how we have played a leading role in implementing AI at a diverse range of companies and generated significant business impact.

We can show you how to boost your efficiency by optimizing costs in the short term without breaking the bank in the process.

Artificial intelligence is what we make of it. Discover our fixed-price offers and get in touch to discuss your needs and requirements.

Inspiration from successful AI use cases

  • Cash Office – controlling liquidity
    Control your cash flow and secure your liquidity. Ready to go in just 3 weeks.
  • Intelligent video analysis (IVA) – ensuring physical distancing without violating data protection requirements
    Start physical distancing using camera in rooms, halls, outdoor spaces and more, and start analyzing people and customer flows.
    Open your shop or business quicker with LHIND IVA solutions and get back to generating revenue – without risking the health of your customers or employees.
  • Automatic, real-time document analysis – save time and make better use of capacities
    Automate the process of inspecting and extracting information from documents and give your employees time for more challenging tasks. Our AI solutions extract information from legal texts such as lawsuits, patents, waybills, complaints and more.

All use cases are tried, tested and tailored to your precise requirements. We host the AI for you as a software-as-a-service solution or integrate it into your infrastructure.

Package S | Feasibility assessment

Discover the potential of your AI idea in just one week.

Our feasibility study helps you quickly lock down your ideas for AI and data analytics. In just one week, our experts will be able to provide you with their assessment based on your business and the available data. The feasibility assessment also includes a data quality report, a general project plan on implementing the idea and analysis of the best- and worst-case scenarios. Not only will you be able to see whether your idea is worth implementing, you will also get a road map for implementation and an effective tool for budget allocation.

All you need to do is set aside two hours for a workshop and clearing up any technical queries.

Duration: 1 week

  • Confidential assessment of current data quality
  • Best- and worst-case scenario analysis for the business value post-AI deployment
  • Methods, processes, schedule

  • Generating and assessing AI ideas for your company
  • Assessment by experts with a wealth of project expertise
  • Tool for budget allocation

Package M | Prototype development

Get a prototype for your idea in just four weeks.

Developing a prototype not only helps to provide a more accurate appraisal of your idea, it also marks the first step in the development process. Even though a prototype is not intended for proper use, it can still deliver key information about the technical challenges and business relevance of the solution in question.

Besides rapid development by our Data and AI Lab, the benefit of a LHIND prototype is that you retain complete control over the data and source codes without having any licensing costs to bear. You receive a live app ready for presentation (including the necessary source code and a Docker image to run the app locally), an effective instrument for scrutinizing your idea, getting the relevant stakeholders on board and allocating the necessary budget for the solution to go live.

All you need to do is supply the necessary data and set aside some time for your technical expert to attend workshops and respond to technical queries.

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Development of a dashboard/web app
  • Tableau workbook and Docker image to run the app locally
  • All source codes, for example R Shiny and Python applications

  • Live application ready for presentation
  • Full control over data and source codes
  • No licensing costs
  • Refinement Fine-tuning budget allocations

Package L | MVP

Get the first version of your AI product online in just 4 to 10 weeks.

Developing a minimum viable product (MVP) offers a number of benefits over a prototype. Not only do you get a technical solution, you also gain access to a developed product that can be tested by genuine users – the only way to verify the promised value added in a real-world scenario. By the end of the project, you have a product that is fully integrated into your system environment, is safe, operationalized and GDPR-compliant by design, and includes a prioritized backlog for further implementation and operating concepts.

All you need to do is provide a product owner and set aside a couple of hours of IT capacity per week (for questions/queries) to help us bring your idea to life.

Duration: 4-10 weeks

  • Solution integrated into your system environment
  • Operating concept

  • Integrated into your solution by design
    • Operationalized
    • GDPR-compliant
    • IT security
  • Business benefit validation

Guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence in its IT projects

Lufthansa Industry Solutions follows the ethical guidelines of the European Commission in the development and use of artificial intelligence in practice. According to these guidelines, a trustworthy AI is characterized by three components that should be fulfilled throughout the entire life cycle of the system:

  • it should be lawful and thus comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • it should be ethical and thus guarantee compliance with ethical principles and values, and
  • It should be robust, both technically and socially.

The guidelines of Lufthansa Industry Solutions in detail:

AI systems should

  • act on justice and common regulations.
  • accord to human values, rights and solidarity.
  • be beneficial to humanity & environment.
  • ease human’s lives but not eliminate human supervision.
  • be understandable.
  • have algorithmic accountability.
  • treat all people fairly and be non-discrimating.
  • empower everyone and engage people.
  • be secure and respect privacy.
  • perform reliably and safely.
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Ready for the next step?

We can convert your MVP into an enterprise-ready business solution.

Knowledge transfer

We can arrange or speak at (online) events or organize team development with individual workshop and training concepts.  

Put your business on the right track

  • AI at Lufthansa Group: experience and best practices
  • Rethink your customer focus with AI
  • Predictive maintenance: a good fit for my company?

Our experienced speakers can cover all of these issues and many more in presentations or webcasts at your company or at your company events. Presentations are suitable for any group size involving a varied range of stakeholders. Not only do they provide absorbing insights into the world of artificial intelligence, they can also kick-start your company’s journey into a data-driven future.

  • 1 hour each
  • Group size: any
  • Target group: mixed groups welcome

  • Presentations tailored to your company
  • Highly acclaimed speakers with a wealth of experience and an excellent track record

Pinpoint and define your ideas for a data-driven future

Arrange for our experts to lead a workshop for your AI Task Force: Join forces to sound out the possibilities of deploying artificial intelligence and data analysis for your company. Our advisors immerse between 5 and 15 of your colleagues into the world of AI in a four-hour workshop. The workshops are best suited to groups of similar stakeholders and can be adjusted to requirements and the desired depth of immersion. Examples of topics include:

  • AI for executives
  • AI in operationalization
  • Self-service analytics for AI and ethics
  • Generating AI use cases

Join up with our experts for a four-hour session and gain an overview of potential use cases.

  • 4 hours each
  • Group size: 5-15
  • Target group: as similar as possible (executives, from a single department, IT)

  • Deeper focus on topics
  • Generate and document new ideas and use cases

Get ready for a data-driven future

Given the current situation and the achievements of many companies in this area, now is the time for everyone – from top-level executives to IT departments – to gain a proper foundation in AI and data analytics. Our certified coaches can offer tailored training courses:

  • Self-service analytics
  • Data science for business intelligence
  • Advanced topics in deep learning and probabilistic programming
  • AI operationalization for data scientists

Broader training courses are also possible for technical staff and executives.

Our coaches take care to prepare individually for each course and allow for interaction with participants. Depending on the course, you and up to ten of your colleagues can be brought up to speed with the latest technological developments in 1 to 4 days. This allows you to take control and guide your company safely into a data-driven future.

  • 1-4 days each
  • Group size: roughly 10
  • Target group: as similar as possible (executives, from a single department, IT)

  • Targeted training for your experts
  • Tailored to your requirements (no one-size-fits-all online course)
  • Interaction

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