Use Case Retrofit

Machine Retrofit
Smart Factory
Condition Based Maintenance

Interesting for

  • industrial Enterprises
  • manufacturers
  • plant manager

Use Case Description


  • end-to-end integration of eligible machines into modern production lines
  • Upgrading existing machines for the future with low costs


  • Fast and easy integration of IoT data in existing processes and system landscape for end-to-end solutions

Use Case Challenges


  • modernization of outdated assemblies has to be of measureable benefit
  • old processes are not state-of-the-art and should be optimised
  • professional requirements should not be neglected, sensors data are only a means to an end


  • End-to-end business processes cross many system boundaries and cut through a heterogeneous technology landscape
  • Specialized integration vendors usually lack process orchestration capabilities and are unable to integrate IoT data.
  • Integration and orchestration solu-tions from a business application vendor are optimized for their own product stack and not suitable for a heterogeneous technology landscape.

Use Case Benefits


  • early detection of irregularities to prevent machine failures
  • non-invasive integration of sensors to get a full machine health status
  • money-saving lifetime extension of old facilities with the same level of quality


  • Leveraging existing data and technology investments
  • Enabling easy integration of IT and OT systems
  • Implementing a process-driven ap-proach to IoT
  • unqiue platform for direct connection and querying to enterprise applications



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