Use Case Localization

Asset Tracking
Usage Monitoring

Interesting for

  • Logistic
  • Industry
  • Healthcare 

Use Case Description

  • Real-time localization of arbitrary assets with high precision in close-range (indoor and outdoor)
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Wayfinding, Indoor Navigation and Access Controlling

Use Case Challenges

  • Assets are scattered over large areas and must be searched (very time-consuming).
  • Forklift trucks are idling or taking the long route
  • Temporary hazardous areas pose a threat to employees
  • Current (health) status of assets unknown and not-ready to use when needed

Use Case Benefits

  • Cost reduction through intelligent resource management
  • Condition monitoring by integrating and connection numerous sensors
  • Real-time localization in 2D and 3D


Our pilot-partners in this Use Case: