The digital platform for mobility services:

Flexibility, individuality, speed and convenience: These are the demands being made by customers that the public transportation sector is increasingly having to meet. For example, customers expect flexible price models and traffic information provided in real time during their journeys.

With the software solution Patris (Passenger Transport Integrated Sales System), public transportation companies receive a customer overview, can offer them a multi-modal range of products and ensure the audit-proof mapping of all of their processes. Big data functions make it easier than ever for transportation companies to cut their costs and increase their revenues with flexible price models and intelligent maintenance reminders. This prepares them for the public transportation of the future.

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Patris: smart mobility concepts for transportation companies

On their way to smart mobility, municipal transportation companies are digitizing their sales and invoicing processes with Patris.
IT for public transportation
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Potential uses of big data in public transportation

Cutting costs and increasing revenues: Those who want to achieve these goals and ensure future success in the public transportation sector should utilize new technologies such as big data.
Two examples of use