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SAP CX consulting: Focus your activities on your customers

The more familiar you are with your customers as a company, the better you can coordinate your products and services to their needs. Information about the customers is therefore a valuable commodity for every company and makes CRM or customer experience solutions indispensable. Of course, SAP also offers CRM solutions. These have also been expanded in recent years.

With SAP CX, SAP is now aiming to achieve an even more comprehensive customer experience in order place maximum focus on customers. LHIND is on hand to help you implement SAP solutions: From initial consulting and introduction to application management, we are your reliable partner for all issues concerning SAP CX (formerly C/4HANA).


SAP CX (customer experience) consulting from LHIND

Based on our long-term SAP expertise and with numerous certified SAP specialists, we support companies of any size across all sectors. In the context of our SAP CX (customer experience) consulting (formerly SAP CRM consulting), we stand by you with our implementation and comprehensive support services. We help you to optimally integrate SAP CX into your system landscape – either as part of new system integration or to replace previous SAP systems or other CRM solutions. SAP CX therefore provides you with valuable insights into your customers, their customer journeys, and the entire value chain. AI-backed technologies and the automation of your processes help you to focus your activities on your customers and generate top-class customer experiences.

To accomplish this, we offer you comprehensive end-to-end consulting so that you achieve the greatest possible added value for your business.

SAP Gold Partner
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LHIND has already been a strategic SAP Partner for a number of years. Our consultants offer long-term, in-depth SAP know-how and cross-system expertise with SAP on-premise and cloud solutions. From initial consulting and introduction to application management, LHIND is also your reliable partner for all issues concerning SAP CX.

SAP CX: how we support you

  • Requirements analysis
  • Process and target definition
  • Architecture consulting
  • End-to-end consulting
  • Change management consulting
  • Project management

  • Initial system configuration and integration
  • Realization of all corporate processes (scoping, fine tuning)
  • Development of individual requirements
  • Establishment of reporting (reports and dashboards)
  • Implementation of roles and authorizations
  • End-to-end integration with SAP and third-party systems

  • Creation of training concepts and documents
  • Performance of train-the-trainer courses for administrators and key users
  • Customer-specific user training for high user acceptance

  • Comprehensive test management
  • Execution of data migration
  • Cutover management and go-live

  • Reliable application management
  • Continuous support for & evolution of existing solutions
  • System and interface monitoring
  • Support and consulting for SAP upgrades
Success with SAP CX

No matter whether customer retention, seamless data flows or process optimization are concerned: SAP CX and our SAP CRM consulting, implementation, and support services offer you a full package of innovative and efficient solutions:

  • Customer experience (CX): Collect customer feedback with each interaction and combine it with operational data in order to offer the best customer experience everywhere and at all times.
  • Trust: Benefit from a consistent view of your customers based on consent-controlled customer data, making you a reliable and trustworthy partner or supplier for your customers.
  • Modular, scalable suite: Start off wherever your need is greatest and grow as you choose.
  • Modern and innovative business platform: Cope with changes using microservices, APIs, and a modern expansion framework and adapt them optimally to your business requirements.
  • The SAP CX solution offers the following benefits:
    • Rapid provision and use of an SAP CX solution
    • Innovations and security
    • Simple configuration and standard integration into other SAP solutions
    • Low TCO and fast ROI
    • Modern mobile app with offline functions for sales
    • Integrated reports and dashboards
Support to end in 2027: SAP CRM and SAP ECC

SAP has announced that its support for SAP CRM will end in 2027. You should therefore ensure that you have an appropriate successor system set to go in good time. Our experienced and skilled LHIND experts will be happy to support you with our SAP CX consulting (formerly SAP CRM consulting).

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SAP customer experience suite – for the utmost customer experience

Overview of the SAP CX suite

With modules such as sales, service or marketing, the SAP customer experience suite (formerly C/4HANA) networks data from various areas of the company to offer optimum interaction with customers. It can be easily and optimally adapted to the requirements of every company and is extremely flexible. Companies also benefit from regular updates and extensive security features.

  • Cloud-based SaaS solution (software as a service)/PaaS solution (platform as a service)
  • Intuitive operation
  • Scalable and flexibly adaptable to the needs of the respective company
  • For holistic management of your customer relationships and top-class customer experiences

Benefits and features of the SAP CX suite

SAP Sales Cloud enables sales processes to be digitalized, optimized, and automated. In this process, focus is placed on the customer and all employees are provided with a 360-degree view of the customers and their needs.
Key functions of the SAP Sales Cloud:

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Offer and order management
  • Contract management
  • Sales planning and forecasting
  • Activity and visit management
  • Intelligent reports & dashboards
  • Segmentation and campaign management
  • Availability across devices
  • Outlook, calendar, telephone, and Microsoft Teams integration
  • Deep integration with other SAP and non-SAP solutions

The SAP Service Cloud enables efficient customer service management by ensuring that you remain in contact with the customer throughout the entire customer journey. This enables your company to solve problems faster and ensure future growth. Key functions of the Service Cloud:

  • Ticket management
  • Installation points & installed base
  • Maintenance plans
  • Activity planning & routing
  • Workflows & approvals
  • Collaboration and knowledge management
  • Field service management
  • Telephone integration
  • Self-service portals
  • Deep integration with other SAP and non-SAP solutions

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement (marketing)

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement helps you to offer personalized real-time interactions on a broad scale, thus increasing your customer loyalty and retention. Key functions of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement:

  • Standardizes your customer data for all marketing processes
  • Target groups and segmenting
  • Content design
  • Campaign automation and cross-channel implementation
  • Personalized cross-channel interactions
  • Comprehensive marketing analyses
  • Deep integration with other SAP and non-SAP solutions

The SAP Commerce Cloud offers a proven e-commerce platform that enables innovations and the use of company-wide customer data to increase income and customer satisfaction. Key functions of the SAP Commerce Cloud:

  • Catalog and product management
  • B2B and B2C commerce
  • Omni-channel order processing
  • Data hub
  • Deep integration with other SAP and non-SAP solutions

The SAP Customer Data Cloud offers a digital customer identity and customer access management tool. This enables companies to collect, merge, and manage customer data across various points of contact and applications. Key functions of SAP Customer Data Cloud:

  • Permission-based collection of user registration data
  • Visualization of customer profiles, their relationships, and the associated accounts
  • Allocation and governance of customer data incl. compliance with data protection regulations
  • Deep integration with other SAP and non-SAP solutions

Optimize customer-oriented processes in marketing, sales, and service

Use of the SAP CX suite is essentially suitable for all company departments that come into contact with customers. These particularly include marketing, sales, and customer service – departments that are responsible for optimizing customer-oriented processes so that positive customer experiences can be created and sales potentials can be exploited as well as possible.

Support your sales team by automating your customer-oriented sales processes:

  • Increasing sales through the use of integrated AI solutions
  • Clear analysis and visualization of the past few months’ sales figures with pipeline forecast for the coming quarter
  • Drill-down options for accessing various levels of detail during data analysis
  • Acceleration of market launches and optimization of existing sales processes
  • Detailed customer data collection for efficient interaction and maximum customer retention

Ensure top-class, fast service for your customers at all times:

  • Faster response to customer inquiries and complaint analyses with the aid of AI and machine learning
  • Support through context-related customer data for early problem recognition and solving

Acquire the right customers through personalized omni-channel interactions in real time and bind them successfully to your company:

  • Implementation of marketing analyses for trade fairs, etc.
  • Regular determination of customer sentiment through surveys and newsletters
  • Execution of AI-backed campaigns for lead generation

CRM stands for customer relationship management and is a technology for managing all of a company’s relationships and interactions with its customers and potential customers. CRM software enables customer interactions and data to be recorded, analyzed, and managed throughout the entire customer life cycle. With its CX suite, SAP is now going one step further and focusing on the entire customer experience. With our SAP CX consulting, we accordingly offer you updated and optimized SAP CRM consulting appropriate to the current SAP solution in this area.

The customer experience refers to the experience and impressions that a customer obtains from a company throughout the entire customer journey. SAP offers the SAP CX suite as a platform, for instance, in order to manage the customer experience optimally.

SAP offers software for controlling business processes as well as solutions that simplify the information flow and effective data processing in companies. One of these solutions is the SAP CX suite (formerly C/4HANA), which is the successor to SAP CRM.

SAP CRM or its current successor, the SAP CX suite, helps companies to improve their customer relationships and therefore increase their sales. To do this, the cloud-based software provides tools with which customer data can be managed and analyzed – in order to interact optimally with the customers and therefore create the best possible customer experiences.

SAP has announced that it will stop supporting SAP CRM in 2027. The cloud-based SaaS solution SAP CX suite is the successor to SAP CRM. Whoever is considering a new SAP CRM system today should give thought to the options afforded by SAP CX. In our service portfolio, for instance, SAP CRM consulting has now become SAP CX consulting.

The SAP customer experience (CX) suite (formerly C/4HANA) is a cloud-based application for marketing, sales, service, and e-commerce and is therefore the successor to SAP CRM. It networks data from various areas of a company so that the company can respond to its customers’ wishes in real time, thrill them across channels, and therefore retain them in the long term.

The SAP CX suite consists of SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Emarsys (marketing), SAP Commerce Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Platform.

The SAP CX suite (formerly C/4HANA) unifies e-commerce, marketing, service, and sales. The solutions therefore merge with one another and the previous data silos are broken down. It therefore enables the holistic management of customer data and offers access to all relevant information and services at all times. The SAP CX suite is an SaaS solution (software as a service).

The SAP CX suite is cloud-based and modular in structure. Standardized integration between the individual components automates data flows and reduces old data collections. The SAP CX suite can be expanded through the use of no/low code and is supplemented by the use of ML scenarios.

SAP CX consulting: Find out more about digital solutions and services from LHIND

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