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Salesforce consulting – implementing an integrated, holistic customer platform for sales, customer service, marketing, commerce and more

Customer data is a company’s most important asset, meaning that it can be a major challenge to both utilize it as a tool for reimagining your corporate approach to marketing, sales and service, creating a high-quality, unified picture of the company in doing so, and to harness it in a way that shapes the customer journey and customer experience. Leverage the expertise of our Salesforce consultants and establish a CRM platform in your organization that creates memorable, personalized customer experiences.

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables companies to maintain a long-term strategic focus on their customers and to foster personalized relationships with them. The platform provides everyone involved in the customer journey with a uniform view of customer data and supports companies in their interactions with both existing and potential customers.

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Salesforce consulting from LHIND

Overview of the Salesforce CRM platform

Advantages of Salesforce


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LHIND Salesforce consulting – everything from a single source

Since 2016 we have executed projects for our customers on the Salesforce platform as implementation and process consultants and we are official Salesforce partner.

Our successful Salesforce consulting is the result of many years’ industry expertise, experience in implementing Salesforce withing companies and in-depth process knowledge. All this makes LHIND your trusted partner for all things Salesforce – from the initial consulting to implementation and on to individual further development. Comprehensive end-to-end consulting is important to us, allowing you to receive the greatest possible added value for your business. A particular benefit is the ability to bring together all data from sales, service, marketing and retail centrally on one platform – helping you obtain a comprehensive overview of your customer base.

  • Requirement gathering, needs analysis
  • Definition of process and scope
  • Process and solution design
  • End-to-end consulting on all elements of the Salesforce universe
  • Business consulting with extensive special expertise in logistics and sustainability
  • Development of customized solutions for your specific requirements
  • Change management consulting in connection with introducing a new system or changing an existing system
  • Agile project management

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Experience
  • Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)
  • CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM)
  • Net Zero
  • Non Profit
  • Commerce
  • Einstein

  • Configuring all system components
  • Compiling customized dashboard solutions and initializing reportings
  • New and further developments
  • Developing individual requirements on the Salesforce platform

  • End-to-end integration to and from third-party systems
  • Interfaces to your relevant legacy systems
  • Integrating common enterprise tools such as Asana or financial services such as Paypal
  • Integrating your desired tools such as LinkedIn, Eventbrite, etc.
  • Connection with partner tools like Slack, Conga, DocuSign etc.
  • Data management consulting
  • Verification, data enrichment and data migration

  • Comprehensive test management
  • Deployment and (global) roll-out

  • Training and train-the-trainer concepts for administrators and key users
  • User workshops for high user acceptance

  • Quality assurance of existing instances and health checks
  • Reliable application management
  • Ongoing support and further development of existing instances
  • Regular performance and health checks of your instance

Modular elements for your Customer Relationship Management

A CRM platform helps you make the most of your customer relationships. Our experts will advise you on the best way to utilize Salesforce within your company; from the conception, through process consulting, to its introduction, all the while taking the processes, interfaces and solution design you already have into account. We will advise you on both the introduction and the further development of Salesforce Cloud products in your company.

Quick success with LHIND Salesforce implementation
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for rapid value and usage
  • Easy scalability of the entire Salesforce system in terms of width, depth and volume
  • Salesforce app customization options, as well as in-house app development using the Salesforce platform
  • A range of integration options – simple and fast integration of third-party systems and tools such as Slack, Conga, DocuSign, Asana, Paypal, LinkedIn, Eventbrite and many more using standard APIs and connectors
  • High-performance data analytics with CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau) as the perfect basis for your business decisions
  • Intelligent case routing using artificial intelligence (Einstein) within Salesforce for optimal case processing

Salesforce CRM platform:
Implementable regardless of sector or company size

The Salesforce platform provides companies with a great deal of benefits, regardless of their sector or size. The predefined applications, such as sales, service and marketing, allow the platform to be adapted easily and precisely to the requirements of each company. In addition, all companies benefit equally from the infrastructure, the regular updates and the Salesforce platform’s security features. The cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service)/PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution is user-friendly and extremely flexible. It can be adapted exactly to your company’s specific requirements.

As technology experts with special expertise in many industries, we at LHIND have in-depth experience that we combine with our knowledge of Salesforce technology to provide you with the best possible advice on integrating the Salesforce modules into your company’s business processes and IT landscape.


Why Salesforce?
  • Select the solution that suits you best
  • Comprehensive consideration of your company’s specific business requirements and goals
  • Optimally tailored to the requirements of your sector
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase your revenue
  • Maximize your return on investment
Salesforce provides companies with a great deal of benefits
  • Can be used company-wide or integrated on a modular basis for selected business processes or individual departments
  • Multi-tenant approach – companies have access to the full functionality of the Salesforce platform, to all releases, and to the full range of security features, regardless of their size and sector  
  • Scalable platform – the platform grows as the company grows. Whether it is due to an increased number of employees, larger data volumes, or higher user numbers – the platform can be adapted individually
  • Mobile app out-of-the-box – without additional app development, your employees can access all data while on the move
  • Data protection – fulfillment of security requirements according to EU standards
  • Efficient collaboration – Salesforce can be used on the go as a cloud solution anytime, anywhere

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The Salesforce universe at a glance

Salesforce offers numerous modules, elements, ready-made interfaces and much more – completely cloud-based:

LHIND offers end-to-end consulting for the Salesforce platform with its numerous modules, components and interfaces. We support our customers in all project phases, from initial implementation to further developments and integration of third-party systems.

Sales activities can only be successful if they are properly aligned with the individual needs of the target group. The Sales Cloud enables sales process optimization and automation. All customer data is accessible centrally via the cloud. This gives all sales employees a holistic overview of the customers. The data can be augmented with information from social networks or customer surveys. This, for example, ensures that all sales activities are aligned with the customers’ requirements in the best possible way.

The Sales Cloud’s out-of-the-box processes include, for example:

  • Lead management
  • Opportunity and quote management
  • Contract management
  • Sales planning and forecasting
  • Account hierarchies
  • Reporting, dashboards and much more

Ensure your customers have a positive experience each time they interact with your company by using the Service Cloud to connect departments such as support, back office and the sales force. With automated workflows, all employees have access to the entire customer history and can handle your customers’ concerns efficiently, thus strengthening customer relationships and increasing productivity. 

The main functions of the Service Cloud include:

  • Service and case management
  • Incident management
  • Omnichannel services
  • CTI integration and much more

Meeting your existing and prospective customers’ requirements is the prerequisite for long-term business success. With the Experience Cloud, you can achieve just that – a needs-oriented, digital customer experience. The foundation for this is a uniform database that all those involved in the customer journey can use.

This is made possible, for example, via:

  • Partner, customer, supplier portals
  • Self-service portals
  • Communities
  • Collaboration platforms

Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you a holistic view of all your customers’ activities and a cross-channel, personalized approach to them. This enables you to implement the appropriate marketing tactics across the entire customer journey, allowing you to address their needs in a targeted and personal manner across different marketing channels, constantly factoring in their needs.

Marketing Cloud features include:

  • Customer journeys
  • Cross-channel marketing (including email, mobile push, SMS)
  • Lead nurturing
  • Customer data platform
  • Personalization and much more.

Using the Analytics module, you have a detailed insight into the real-time data available on clear, flexible dashboards. You can gain valuable insights from previous customer interactions and derive recommendations for the future based on data analysis combined with the Einstein Engine (AI):

  • Analytics applications
  • Predictions and recommendations
  • Out-of-the-box dashboard templates and KPIs
  • Connection of diverse data sources

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to record their direct and indirect CO2 emissions, the greenhouse gases they release, and other relevant factors systematically, and to review and evaluate them continuously. Using the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, you can simplify your data analysis significantly. It provides a comprehensive overview of your potential environmental impacts through dashboards and data visualization. This allows you to react early in line with your sustainability goals:

  • Automatic calculation of the carbon footprint
  • Uniform and reliable data basis for all ESG data
  • Analytics applications and forecasts
  • Automatic ESG and sustainability reporting

Areas of application: Connecting marketing, sales and customer service

Various areas in the company optimize their work and increase transparency through the use of Salesforce:

Good marketing must match customer history and individual buying behavior. Data-driven analytics enables the marketing team to deliver a personalized, real-time approach that meets customers where they need help.

  • Marketing automation
  • Cross-channel campaigns
  • Digital advertising
  • Data management
  • Analyses

The more efficient your sales, the higher your close rate – with the right sales tools, you can interact with your customers in real time and increase your sales:

  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales forecasting
  • (Process) automation
  • Revenue intelligence
  • Reports/dashboards
  • Sales territory management
  • Mobile usage in the field
  • Personalized sales activities
  • Tracking of purchase histories
  • Planning of customer visits

Create personalized and connected service experiences that inspire customers using AI-based processes and automation.

  • Skill-based routing
  • Omnichannel consideration
  • Case categorization automation

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for companies. Salesforce helps you to achieve your sustainability goals.

  • Energy usage data compilation
  • Carbon footprint measurement
  • Derivation of measures for preventing CO2 emissions


From process design to implementation – LHIND offers end-to-end consulting services on the Salesforce platform. Our experts possess extensive knowledge of the strategy process, conceptual design and end-to-end integration. Thanks to both our extensive and long-standing experience, as evidenced by our Salesforce partner status, and our expertise within the industry, we generate the highest levels of satisfaction in our projects.

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Salesforce FAQs

The Salesforce platform is a customer relationship management solution, or CRM for short, that enables companies to create personalized customer experiences. To do this, different departments such as marketing, sales, customer service, and online and offline retail operate on a common CRM platform to ensure the perfect customer experience.

Salesforce bundles all data relating to existing and potential customers together on a single central platform, providing companies with an overview of their customers. The underlying concept is the storage and sharing of all information in a customer audit so as to create personalized customer experiences and foster long-term customer retention. Data-supported analyses help users develop strategic activities for marketing, sales and customer service.

Salesforce is suitable for companies of any size and in all sectors that operate in sales and customer service.