Use Case
Digital Windpark

  • Wind OEM
  • Operator
  • Energy suppliers
  • Operation Manager
  • TSO
  • Service Provider
  • Certifier
  • Direkt Marketers

Use Case Description

  • Health monitoring of WTGs in real time.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure based on Microsoft® Azure
  • Digitization for maintenance, monitoring and management of assets
  • Smart feed-in management to avoid down times and simultaneous stabilizing the grid.

Use Case Challenges

  • SCADA and CMS Data in real-time
  • Aging of wind turbines and related failures
  • Lack of communication and IT support within the value chain
  • Information platform to aid decision-making
  • Sustainability and quality management with secure processes and proofs
  • Communicate with the TSO to minimize downtimes due to feed-in managment

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