Location tracking: customized vacations for cruise ship tourists

An individualized travel experience on a cruise ship? It’s possible! Guest-specific location information and personal profiles make it possible to offer passengers services tailored to their preferences wherever they happen to be on board. Automated boarding processes and digital access checks make guests feel virtually at home.

For many travelers, vacation means doing exactly what they want – and nothing else. More and more cruise ship guests are looking for the comfort and convenience of a package vacation combined with off-the-beaten-path experiences. In the mounting competition for customer loyalty, many cruise lines are finding themselves forced to keep up with this trend. As a result, they are offering their passengers a growing number of services and extras to satisfy their individual vacation needs. From personalized welcome messages for travelers the minute they board the ship, on to local services tailored to their personal profiles and all the way through to automated boarding process, the focus is always on providing a uniquely customized guest experience.

Take advantage of passengers’ new habits

Cruise lines can make use of new technologies as well as changing habits with regard to the use of mobile devices and gadgets to support them in making every voyage out to sea a success for passengers. For example, many guests always carry their smartphone with them. They may even wear a smartwatch or activity tracker. Cruise lines can take advantage of these and other technologies to create a new travel experience for their passengers based on their personal profiles and positioning.

Sensors are capable of recognizing that a passenger is near a certain public screen, for instance. The passenger’s location is compared to his or her profile, allowing the screen to display a personalized message just for that guest, such as information about a special shore excursion the next morning or an announcement that his or her favorite cocktail is being served at happy hour just a few meters away.

Cruise lines can also send their passengers personalized messages about events near them. This targeted direct communication allows for even more exclusive guest services. Passengers themselves can use positioning to find out where their family members are on the cruise ship right now – provided they have consented in advance to the legal regulations regarding the storage of personal data.

Simplify check-in and automate processes

Hospitality solutions not only improve the guests’ experience, they also offer cruise lines some direct and immediate advantages. They can use positioning along with passengers’ personalized profiles for authorization processes, for example. Automatically recognizing them as registered passengers makes it possible to shorten check-in times and significantly simplify getting around the ship thanks to digital access checks.

A wide range of technologies are suitable for location tracking based on Bluetooth low energy, RFID, iBeaconing or face recognition. This function makes it possible to track passengers and objects on board. By equipping uniforms, TVs, furniture and more with transmitters, cruise line staff can check any time to see how much material and how many parts are on the cruise ship and where they are.

Positioning: part of a comprehensive mobile solution

Linking location tracking to Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ cabin control solutions also results in energy and process advantages. When guests leave their cabins, the controllers automatically regulate climate control systems in line with preset temperatures to prevent them from running unnecessarily. At the same time, the system also sends a message to housekeeping, informing staff that the cabin can now be cleaned.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions has many years of experience in the cruise industry and supports cruise lines in implementing new hospitality solutions, allowing them to operate more efficiently and develop new business models. Location tracking is one of the latest fields where we support our clients.

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Digital solutions for Covid-19 protection - whitepaper for download

The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed many business processes and poses major challenges for the economy, culture, tourism and healthcare sectors:

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  • How best to track contact chains in an emergency?
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