Whitepaper "Private 5G networks in enterprises"

Via campus network to the networked company

With a private 5G network, companies can future-proof their business models. A campus network meets the highest requirements in terms of bandwidth, latency and reliability. In the current whitepaper from Lufthansa Industry Solutions, companies learn how they can benefit from the new standard.

Norderstedt, April 19, 2023 - The number of networked machines, tools, products, and people in the value creation process is increasing rapidly. Wired networks are thus reaching their economic limits. With 5G, a radio standard is available to reduce wired communication across industries and increase efficiency in companies.

In the new white paper "Private 5G networks in companies: fast, secure, reliable", Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) explains the differences between individual standards and uses application examples from different industries to show the possibilities and opportunities of the private campus network for companies.

Dr. Claudius Noack, IT consultant and 5G expert at LHIND, names the advantages of a private 5G network: “Compared to the public 5G network, numerous devices can be integrated and even managed independently and efficiently, for example with prioritization in the network. Sensitive data is only transported within the campus network. This ensures a high level of security."

White paper supports decision

5G enables smart connectivity, but it is not a replacement but a complement to WLAN and Ethernet. Therefore, 5G should always be thought of by the use case. The LHIND whitepaper "Private 5G networks in enterprises: fast, secure, reliable" supports the decision to implement a fast WiFi network, a public or a private 5G network. The whitepaper is free to download.

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In the whitepaper, you will learn what benefits 5G can have for your company and what you need to pay attention to when entering 5G. In addition, the whitepaper lists the differences between WiFi and 5G radio networks and shows industry-specific use cases.

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