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New study: artificial intelligence is a top issue for companies

What makes artificial intelligence (AI) so fascinating is mainly its potential for revolutionizing many fundamental aspects of working and everyday life. But what is the actual status quo of AI technologies and how significant do companies as well as the leading IT service providers think it is and will be in the future?

Norderstedt, October 17, 2018 – The market research and consulting firm of Lünendonk & Hossenfelder and Lufthansa Industry Solutions have taken up the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in a special analysis and examined the relevance of AI in leading companies. The special analysis of artificial intelligence is part of the 2018 Lünendonk study “The Market for IT Consulting and IT Service in Germany”.

Artificial intelligence is considered a big issue on the agenda of those taking part in the study. Nine out of ten managers in the large companies and corporations covered by the survey are convinced that AI applications will fundamentally change business processes and customer interactions; only two percent see no relevance for their own company. Nearly every second respondent is convinced of the strategic importance of AI technologies and has adjusted their corporate strategies accordingly. In the next two years, three-fourth of the study participants expect AI technologies to make a key contribution to corporate success and therefore to become an integral part of corporate strategy.

“The great potential of artificial intelligence for companies is in the area of automation. Self-driving cars – inconceivable only a few years ago – are a very visible example. The intersection of companies and end customers will also be strongly marked by AI in the future, for instance, in the form of language-based interfaces, such as chatbots,” says Dr. Lars Schwabe of Lufthansa Industry Solutions, who provided professional support for the study.

Lünendonk® Special Analysis 2018 “Relevance of Artificial Intelligence for Large Enterprises”

Please download the Lünendonk® Special Analysis 2018 here (in German).

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