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Cruisers and aircraft: possibilities and opportunities for collaboration

Norderstedt, April 7, 2017 – Falling costs, improved quality and enhanced customer loyalty are goals that are common to both aviation and the cruise industry. Digitization is offering companies in these industries many different ways to accomplish their projects. One example is predictive maintenance.

What possibilities does predictive maintenance analytics open up? What challenges and methods are there, and what interconnections and insights have been carried over from the aircraft to the cruise ship business? The current issue of aviation journal Aircraft IT MRO examines these and other questions. Lufthansa Industry Solutions is featured together with Costa Crociere in the use case “MRO Technology Innovations and Learning from other industries”. In their report, authors Franco Caraffi, Marine Systems Director, Costa Corporate I&CT, Costa Crociere S.p.A. and Adrian Schmitt, Data Scientist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, point out possibilities and opportunities for collaboration between airlines and cruise companies. 

Case Study: Lufthansa Industry Solutions and Costa Crociere

You can download the case study here.