Advertising Revenue Share Program

Advertising at a glance

Our product platform ecosystem allows for easy and seamless placement of advertising content. Advertising can be integrated and displayed through Digital Signage, as well as through other traditional outlets.

Digital advertising in public spaces such as lobbies, outlets, and other common areas can be programmed with passive, interactive, and dynamic ad content from playlists. Also, display screens can be equipped with facial recognition technology that identifies a viewer’s characteristics such as age and gender. This also results in targeted ads that generate more revenue.

Audience Integration

Our ad server is capable of delivering entertainment-related ads at the exact time and place in which the customers are most likely to see those ads. By achieving targeting advertising, customers are more willing to purchase the service or product that is being promoted, making your network a reliable media outlet for advertisers.

Sales strategy

Our advertising sales strategy is tailored uniquely to each operator’s needs and the goals of the advertiser. Using programmatic exchanges and direct sales channels, we ensure that our customers maximize revenue from advertisers who want to reach a particular audience. The more advertising placement touchpoints throughout the location, the higher the CPM advertisers will pay to reach that audience.

Our partnerships with leading media companies give us unparalleled access to standout tools for both media buyers and media owners to enhance every transaction in the physical world through data, automation, and measurement.

Our platform has been globally adopted by all major holding companies and the most well-known brands in the business including a Supply/Demand Platform, Exchange, Programmatic Ad Server, CMS, and the ability to negotiate direct deals through the private marketplace.

Operators can tailor their advertising strategy and display touchpoints to meet their needs. Our customized, omnichannel advertising approach can provide a full turnkey source of advertising revenue while perfectly mirroring any internal guidelines around advertising placement and frequency.